I Hate to Admit it, But Destiny 2 Does Look Rather Spectacular

Tonight, Bungie revealed the first gameplay footage from Destiny 2, due out in September. And bravo, Bungie, it looks absolutely magnificent.

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Community63d ago
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cha0sknightmare63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I like Destiny, but Destiny 2 looks to have a much needed injection of story direction, character and set piece epicness to it. If it can keep that going, and combine it with the addictive shoot and loot gameplay, slightly bolster the multiplayer with more features, and come out the door with a decent amount to do, Then i think D2 can be the sequel it needs to be!

boomtube198763d ago (Edited 63d ago )

it looks like original destiny and still runs at 30fps. Both CoD and BF1 look much better and run at 60fps. In 2017, destiny 2 has 4 vs 4 in MP and runs at 30fps. We had more player count in 1998. How lazy these devs are. It's ridiculous. Copy and paste job has been a staple of modern devs.

thrust63d ago

Am getting it on PC, PC uncapped fps

pinkcrocodile7563d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I hated Activision and Bungie's greedy and bone idle approach to Destiny when it released.

I don't care if they made up for a little bit of the contempt they showed to customers in the subsequent EXPENSIVE expansion packs.

Bungie sold their soul (if there was such a thing) to Activision and for that I will never buy a game from Bungie while they are still in business with Activision again.

Tussin18763d ago

Now COD look better. I've heard it all now. Is COD open world? Why wouldn't it look like the first one? You expected this to change the game completly?

The gameplay is the best thing about it and the controls​ are smooth as silk. Millions of people still enjoy this game. Just because you don't doesn't changed that fact. If you don't like the game then pick something else. Looks like COD and Battlefield can keep you occupied.

boomtube198763d ago (Edited 63d ago )

@Tussin187 nice try fool but i dont give one tosss about campaign. Competitive MP game or crucible Player VS Player as its called is NOT open world in destiny. In BF1 the maps are larger than Destiny maps in MP. Yet it can deliver 60fps with way more things happening on screen. 4 vs 4 player in destiny with smaller maps than original and yet its still 30fps is a joke and pure lazyness.

UnHoly_One63d ago

lol boomtube...

Some people care more about how fun a game is to play than they do about counting pixels or frames.

The game looks amazing, and after the hundreds upon hundreds of hours I've spent in Destiny, I can't wait for it.

I wouldn't have cared if they said it was going to be 720p and still runs on the 360 and PS3 as well.

FITSniper63d ago

4v4 is a design decision, not a limitation.

boomtube198763d ago

@UnHoly_One lol fool

Tell that to CoD. Without 60fps it wouldnt be much. Even the devs said it. Its their religion. 60fps is super critical. Frame rate matters in Multiplayer. I rather have higher frame rate than higher resolution. Higher frame rate also reduces the MS lag which can be a major issue in online match when every milliseconds counts.

TRGMatt63d ago

Is this a "How to.." comment for trying but failing to sound like you know what youre talking about? Cuz that's what I got out of it.

Palitera63d ago

Destiny has a lot of design flaws and very... "dubious" business decisions, but come on... There's simlpy nothing lazy about this game. It plays and works extremely well.

3-4-563d ago

ok, but og Destiny running at 30 fps was really fun so what is your point ?

Does something being 30 fps make it not good or not fun ?

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Mr-Dude63d ago

I will wait for the legendary edition with all DLC for €39,99 next year. They did it many times, they will do it again

FunAndGun63d ago

I said the same thing about the first Destiny. Then they released the game with all the DLC. I then said, "oh, I'll just wait for it to go on sale". .....I still haven't played Destiny.

....maybe I will pick up Destiny 2 when it comes out with all the DLC....

LAWSON7263d ago (Edited 63d ago )

And you will probably have no where near as much fun as everybody who played all the new content when it releases and is actually relevant just like the first game. This is not the same as Fallout GOTY Edition. It is more like buy the new, relevant content and get all the irrelevant, old unsupported content no body else cares about for free.

If you wait you miss experiences. Unless of course you literally only do the main missions and participate in nothing the game offers.

Anyways doubt I am getting this at all, it looks so underwhelming.

Mr-Dude63d ago

I really don't care. The first Destiny burned me hard on launch, ain't gonna happen again. Besides, I have enough to play this year. My friends do the same thing, I wasn't really blown away by the reveal. I can wait.

Christopher63d ago

I've watched the first strike and it looks like Destiny. That's good for some.

Personally, I need to see how it's different. Right now, it doesn't look different at all.

Bennibop63d ago

Why would they dramatically change the sequel to a billion dollar game.if you didnt like the first game just move on you are not going to like this one.

Christopher63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Who said anything about dramatic changes, let alone to the gunplay? I'm talking about design, loot, and similar items. Items they've said nothing about so far.

Will we ever get the original Destiny concept of selecting upgrades for our exotic weapons that truly change how they work from one person to another (pre beta Destiny was all about this)? Will loot be extremely dependent on just RNG or are they going to, once again, listen to the Blizzard developers on the subject? Will Powers be easily swappable or will there be opportunities to specialize? How will the content be laid out, will it be more dynamic in structure or the same week to week minor adjustments of the game content? Will they lock out progression on a weekly basis? How will weapon leveling work differently, if at all? Etc.

jeremyj291363d ago

I was hella annoyed when I saw that the grenades were exactly the same. Pretty stupid to me.

62d ago
Christopher60d ago

I can make a smarmy joke of a comment to devalue the conversation.

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Erik735762d ago

I really hope the missions are more varied and cinematic and interesting

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CrimsonWing6963d ago

Why do you hate to admit that? A developer trying to make a sequel better than the first should be commended. Were you hoping it'd fail?

gums00763d ago

I know right? The title of this story purely shows what kind of toxic person this writer is

Sam Fisher63d ago

Woah toxic? Can't the person be labeled as a realist, or doubtful. Toxic is too harsh to a person that has reason since bungie did mess up the first one, did they fix on the later run? That differs opinion but to say that a person is toxic when that person has legit reason is a bit harsh

BEASELY63d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kornholic63d ago

What? It looks just like the first one.

Rude-ro63d ago

What?! A sequel looks like it's predecessor?! Who would do such a thing?!

xHeavYx63d ago

I know right? That's such a stupid argument. It's like complaining that the Batman games are similar.

TejasTV63d ago

I think his point is that it doesn't look like they added anything. You sound like the guy who thinks Saw 3 is better than Saw 5. Who cares

Forn63d ago

Don't be dumb. It's like comparing Uncharted 3 to Uncharted 4. It's night and day.

Kornholic63d ago

You guys are idiots. What we saw does not correlate at all with the headline of the article.

Rude-ro63d ago

@TejasTV I think every saw film is crap. I did not go see them/buy them and I did not go into comment sections complaining because I think saw should be different or because I think they are crap. I said this is not my cup of tea and went on with my life.

PS3 vs PS4 ... yes, there should be enhancements with the engine but the core of the game is still the same.

Name Last Name63d ago

If its going to be the same then it might as well be a Destiny 1 dlc

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Kyizen63d ago

Injustice 2 is the same as the first one, its just super hero characters fighting...

Lennoxb6363d ago

Injustice 2 looks way better graphically though.

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corroios63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

No it doesnt. After the inicial reveal and the end of the hype, gamers that played the game are saying that is the same thing. With no evolution. It feels like a DLC and not a evolution from a game launched at 2014.

Gh05t63d ago

It looks like DLC or just an expansion.

Goldby63d ago

Loses powers proceeds to give powers back in beginning of the game

Kokyu63d ago

Exactly. Looks like a reskin with some new maps. What's worse is there are no changes big enough to warrent getting rid of or not allowing any carry over. The game engine isnt that different and as graphically they ignored the refresh consoles added power why cant I just keep my old gear? Oh!!!! Because now you can charge me full price again for the it.