Intel Core i7 CPU Benchmarked - Outperforms Intel's Core 2 QX9770 in most tests

It looks like, while most of us mortals still have to wait until leading chip maker Intel officially unveils its next-generation Core i7 processors, the Chinese-language PC Online is one step ahead in the game. The website already had the chance to test and benchmark the performance of one of Intel's upcoming quad-core Core i7 CPUs, namely the Extreme 940 model.

Now, remember, these new chips aren't expected to come out until sometime in November, so the fact that they have already been tested is quite an important aspect. This is all the more true especially since, in order to fully set up a benchmarking platform for these CPUs, you require not only the processor itself, but also an X58-based motherboard, which comes with the only chipset that can support Intel's upcoming socket LGA1366.

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