Arms already has its fan favorite in movie star Twintelle

Arms has steadily built up a fanbase since Nintendo first showed it off in January, thanks to its charming cast of characters. Now that more of the roster has been revealed prior to its June release, players have already come to a consensus on who’s the best of them all: It’s Twintelle, the powerful A-lister whose curly hair doubles as a weapon.

XiNatsuDragnel7d ago

Wondering why? One answer is that booty😚

NecoTehSergal6d ago

Careful, N4G admin already blocked a story like this under the reason: "Hot girls isn't news".

kaiserxblue6d ago

this place is anything but news ...and I'm dead serious....lots of articles here a biased opinions and somehow that is news...

gangsta_red6d ago

Really? I see cosplay articles on N4G all the time.

NecoTehSergal5d ago

Yeah, it was Christopher - N4G Admin & Community Manager who did it no less. I called him a SJW.

PC/SJW culture would explain why the selective treatment of the article that he removed.

ZeekQuattro6d ago

It ain't your beauty, its your booty. Its what Mike Epps really meant all those years ago. lol