Why We Need a Marvel Version of Injustice Straight Away

The Injustice series has been doing incredibly well for DC so far. The first game proved that NetherRealm can make quality games with characters outside the Mortal Kombat universe and still create engaging stories. With Injustice 2, DC’s greatest heroes and villains are once again clashing in a fantastic fighting game. But with the success of DC’s fighter, a question has crept into our minds; why hasn’t Marvel given its heroes the same treatment?

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vikingland1371d ago

I would rather have a new marvel alliance game.

tgunzz371d ago

Children of the atom 2, secret wars, I don't care just get it done... The marvel universe is rich with a variety of [email protected] characters.

Bobafret371d ago

I think a Marvel vs. DC fighting game would be epic. Thanos vs. Darkseid!

jukins371d ago

That would be awesome. They could do another marvel vs dc series with a game tie in. But a solo marvel game would be cool as well.Oh

Angeljuice371d ago

Superheroes are so very lame, like "My Little Pony" for boys.
It's so annoying as a filmmaker that so many in the outskirts of the industry are big superhero fans.
Inane chatter about nonsense characters and how they would behave in real life scenarios winds me up no end.
I do get it, I thought they were cool too (until I turned 12).

Why is it that superheroes are the only refugees from childhood that people still cling to when they grow up?

PurpHerbison371d ago

Wait, you are complaining about super heroes being for kids... on a video game website...?

yeahright2371d ago

To quote bender "and that my friends, is irony."

Angeljuice371d ago

Videogames are for kids? Who told you that?
Many of the games are for 18 or over. Name a single superhero film with an 18 certificate.

I've been gaming since 78, I was a trailblazer when videogames were a tiny, minority hobby that nobody understood.

Bobafret371d ago

People like what they like, trashing an entire genre because of age group is pretty assinine.

yeahright2371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

"Why is it that superheroes are the only refugees from childhood that people still cling to when they grow up? "

yeah... so what's your Gamerscore and trophy level?

Bobafret371d ago

So, what is "cool" now Mr. Alpha male? Should we all grow beards and drink craft beer?

Angeljuice371d ago

Drink craft beer for sure (it has flavour and personality unlike factory beer).

As I said in my post, my main problem is with filmmaker superhero fans. They dress like overgrown children and never do the groundwork they're supposed to do.
They have an attitude that filming a movie should be fun rather than work and never make a decent film because they can't be bothered to do any work that isn't enjoyable.
They seem to believe that if you imagine something it just appears in film form.
My professional​ nemesis is the comic book kid (followed closely by the teen horror brigade).

gangsta_red371d ago

"Why is it that superheroes are the only refugees from childhood that people still cling to when they grow up?"

....He asks this question on a web site about video games...where people argue about which system is better....

Angeljuice371d ago

Yes, you are right. This site is very infantile and belligerent and not in the least bit conducive to intelligent debate without name calling and "hilarious" one liners.

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TheOttomatic91371d ago

Marvel vs Capcom is already so big that it kinda feels unnecessary.

MizHDTV371d ago

But I'd love a roster just with x-men in a good fighting game
I'd take all marvel and I wouldn't complain either

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