Why is Microsoft Renewing the Scalebound Trademark?

Scalebound, the first action role-playing game from famed studio PlatinumGames, was originally planned for release this holiday season before the project was unceremoniously canceled by publisher Microsoft. With PlatinumGames currently working on a variety of projects, we had all but forgotten about the game, but Microsoft recently filed to renew a trademark on the name.

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4Sh0w343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It happens, just so no one uses the name. At this point it doesn't mean any more than that, so just let it go.

-Foxtrot343d ago

True. It could mean many things.

They don't want Platnium to go off on their own or with someone like Sony making a game called "Scalebound"

They might create something similar in the future but with their own personal touch

They just want to create false hope that it might come out someday so people are less p***** off about a cancelled game

God knows...

Erik7357343d ago

Their just a greedy corporation who wants to own everything they could possibly own including names

4Sh0w342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

What a dumb comment, of course all companies want to own intellectual property they invested money in to create.

naruga342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

@Foxtrot @Erik ...ok to be fair MS spent money promoting and advertising the upcoming game ...they cant let the IP free to be handled by any who ill pay more Platimun to develop it for their own console ...its not greediness or giving false hope is simple logic

LordJamar342d ago

the game really didnt look that great... tbh most ppl only cares about it after it got cancelled and jump on the bandwagon

Why o why342d ago

Im with 4show and fox on this one

Could you imagine the uproar if sony pounced on the title ..........

Vames342d ago

"They just want to create false hope that it might come out someday so people are less p***** off about a cancelled game."

I see you still love to talk nonsense on N4G. Do you still do the same crap on Filmwatch?

_-EDMIX-_342d ago

Well yes. Of course.

They might want to also hold on to it to sell it in the future if need be.

They own the IP so I'd assume they need to keep that trademark to protect their IP.

@Erik- I don't know what you mean. MS owns the Scalebound IP, so they want to keep owning something they own? Why would that be a bad thing? Its theirs? lol

I just don't really get your point.

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DevilOgreFish343d ago

there's a rumor that some news about the IP might show up soon. perhaps around E3.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. E3 is just around the corner.

RpgSama342d ago

Is this the part were Xbox followers start to hype the game again and say it's going to be amazing or do we wait a little bit more for that?

BLizardXD342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

it would be great to see Microsoft at least put the game assets to good use.

Liqu1d341d ago

That's a false rumour. XRays is an affiliate of Misterxmedia and his false rumour has already been debunked by Jez Corden.

PcRandy343d ago

Exactly plus I'm guessing this also stops PG from using the source code and making a game called dragonbound

TheCommentator342d ago

The idea is worth continuing, just not when the former developer didn't give a 💩 about it. The real question is why did the director of Platinum "resign" after failing to finish Scalebound?

Goldby342d ago

He stepped down after star fix, not the failed scale bound

And if what I've read is correct, the failing of scale bound wasn't just platinum games but also MS view of wanting to incorporate its services into the game instead of leaving it as the single player/co-op game it was supposed to be.

And resignations happen for all sorts of reasons, it could be that he was pushed out similar to kojima. It could be that his contract with them ended and he decided to step down for personal reasons. He may have had another opportunity at anothe company. There are too many unknowns to blame it on scale bound.

Was PG overworked. Yea. Was it all their fault. No. After all ms the only one that cancelled the game. Every other game has been releasing so it's not like they couldn't complete it.

TheCommentator341d ago

You're right, Goldby, those things could all be reasons for his resignation but in the end you're just speculating. The timing of his resignation is suspect though because it was only a few weeks after Scalebound was cancelled... not sure why you're saying it wasn't right atferwards TBH.

You have admitted that Platinum is overorked, yet can't admit that MS made the right decision to pull the plug when the devs dropped the ball. Not sure how that "logic" works out.

XanderZane342d ago

We don't know what it means yet, cause no one at Microsoft has told us. Maybe they will tell us at the E3.

_-EDMIX-_342d ago

Agreed. Companies renew trademarks all the time.

DarXyde342d ago

Maybe, but Platinum has also been pretty quiet since Nier: Automata and they don't strike me as a company that stands still for very long at all. Particularly, Kamiya hasn't said much of anything so I wouldn't be surprised if he's working on something. Did Microsoft just take the name? Could be, or the project was simply revived. I somewhat doubt the latter though. They bothered announcing its cancellation so I don't see them reconsidering on that months later. It could also function as a megaton announcement freebie. "So that game you all thought was canceled? We heard you and we're bringing it back!" Cue applause.

That last bit was a little cynical of me, but we'll see soon enough, I'm sure. The game was rough looking with its frame rate, but as a Kamiya project, I have/had high hopes for the final product.

Tacobell323342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

only time will tell what Microsoft is planing for E3. E3 can't come soon enough!

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Neonridr343d ago

Nintendo keeps registering the Eternal Darkness trademark. We are hopeful of a sequel (or remake) eventually, but it's nothing new.

nitus10342d ago

The actual game had an ending although you could replay it twice more from a slightly different perspective. I suppose it is possible to continue where the game left off but I think the main reason for Nintendo registering the Eternal Darkness trademark is to stop copycat games.

Razzer343d ago

Intellectual property has value even if it is never used. It is an intangible asset and in the case of Scalebound, has actual expenditures that must be accounted for. The development costs of Scalebound are going to be on MS' books for a long time and so MS will continue to maintain the trademark even if they never use it.

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FallenAngel1984343d ago

Scalebound can join the Trademark club that includes Deep Down, Agent, & Eternal Darkness

StarElite343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Trademarks can be such a cruel tease sometimes.

StarElite343d ago

My mistake, I changed the comment so I don't look stupid :P

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