Holy Destiny 2 Screenshots Guardian

EB: The Destiny 2 livestream has just ended and now we are being blessed with more screenshots from the game than one gamer knows what to do with. Below you will find screenshots from the games various modes, environments, and gear. I won’t bog you down with details, you can get them in the wrap up post coming up next, so stay tuned for all things Destiny 2.

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S-Word249d ago

It's just an overpriced expansion. Same shit aside from the downgraded PvP where you only have 4v4. On top of that it's a Battle Net exclusive which means nobody is going to play it.

corroios249d ago

I dont think so. They listen to the gamers with matchmaking, the amazing map, much more content.

It will be a huge hit on setember.

249d ago
darthv72249d ago

The irony here is that Bungie left working with MS because they didnt want to keep making Halo-esq games and now they are with Activision making ... Halo-esq games.

krypt1983248d ago Show
rezzah248d ago

What I'm interested in is will Nerf Rotations still occur, along with PVP nerfs affected PVE?

248d ago
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bluefox755249d ago

Yeah, it's not like tens of millions of people bought Diabo 3, WoW, and Overwatch. Or 70 million people play Hearthstone on wait.

mafiahajeri249d ago

Why you grouping those "gamers" together? Hearthstoners are the least likely to play an FPS like destiny.

bluefox755249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

@mafia What does that have to do with my comment? His argument was that "battle Net exclusive which means nobody is going to play it". I asserted that being on has not stopped tens of millions of players from playing other games, so why would it stop people from playing Destiny 2? It's just a launcher and servers.

Aenea249d ago

You probably saw a different stream then...

WickedLester249d ago

"It's just an overpriced expansion."

And yet you were probably bitching when we learned that your attributes from the first game wouldn't carry over. Wouldn't that in of itself made Destiny 2 feel like an expansion?

I don't understand what people were expecting. Did you think Bungie was going to completely scrap all assets from the first game and build a whole new engine from scratch? It took them 5 years to build the engine they're using.

krypt1983248d ago

actually it's a new engine and if people think the game looks the same let them keep spitting that same ol bs, the game looks ten times better then destiny 1 period..

MagicBeanz248d ago

Speaking of "same shit" that's what your Destiny hate comment sounds like, the "same shit" we've been hearing for years now. Destiny may not have changed much but neither has the comments from the peanut gallery. For the record technically speaking every COD, Madden, Forza and just about any other game you can think of isn't a massive change over the previous version, welcome to gaming.

248d ago
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AnubisG249d ago

I personally can't wait for this. Want to see what the first raid will look like.

spicelicka249d ago

Man why did they have to reuse the same engine, with all the money Destiny earned that's the least they could've done.

WickedLester249d ago

WTF would they build an entirely new engine? It took them 5 years to develop this one. What's wrong with it?

Bluemaster77249d ago

It's trash that's whats wrong with it.

yomfweeee249d ago

It was held back by last gen. For it not to be vastly improved is embarrassing.

vickers500249d ago (Edited 249d ago )


The game looks better than most games out now. And it runs silky smooth, even both the Alpha and the Beta ran better than most games run today after months of patches.

Nothing wrong with the engine. Destiny 1 looked gorgeous, Destiny 2 gameplay trailer looks gorgeous, and both run amazingly well. And Destiny 2s gameplay trailer DOES look vastly improved in comparison to Destiny 1.

REDGUM249d ago

Yeah, alright. We get it. You want a different engine. Instead of writing the same thing on every article about Destiny, why not start developing one yourself so they can use it. Or even tell the dev's that to save yourself repeating yourself and leave this space for people who appreciate the game for what it is!

krypt1983248d ago

it's a new engine wtf you talking about don't speak about what you don't know the devs clearly stated 3 times today its a engine that's the main reason none of our shit carries over

Forn249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

This game looks and sounds EXACTLY like the first game. Absolutely NOTHING has changed. It's sad that Activision can quite literally repackage a game, and fools like those who think this looks new and exciting will buy it.

G20WLY249d ago

People buy what they like. If YOU buy something someone else doesn't want is it okay for them to brand you a fool?

To each their own, right?

Sevir249d ago

And yet here you are.....

Antarius717249d ago

It's a continuation of the first game why would I not want this one? Resident evil games 4-6 were same thing over and over. Cod is same thing every year. Take your blind destiny hate elsewhere

Forn249d ago

Apparently I'm the only one with my eyes open, lol. If people feel like spending $60 for the exact same thing they already have, then more power to them I guess.

fiveby9249d ago

You are not forced to buy anything. Why complain about what other's chose to purchase? "Absolutely NOTHING has changed". And you know this because of a game trailer? For someone who has not played the game you sure know an awful lot about it.

Forn249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

I watched the streams from earlier today. I used to play Destiny myself. Day one purchaser unfortunately. And clearly if you've played Destiny, then you've more than certainly played this too, considering it's just an overpriced expansion/DLC to the original basically.

meka2611248d ago

I don't think it's that. It's the fact that as long as people keep buying mediocre games, they will keep making them. There really isn't much difference with destiny 2, they barely changed much, and I agree call of duty is the same thing and that's the problem, same with assassins creed and other franchises. If people keep buying them they will keep selling them, kinda like how micro transactions aren't going away since some dumb asses pay for them.

MagicBeanz248d ago

Whats even more sad is people who call others "fools" for enjoying something they dont care about themselves, how dare everyone not share your personal point of view, huh?

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