Destiny 2: Gameplay Reveal Press Release

Skewed and Reviewed have posted the full press release for Destiny 2 which covers key features of the game from the reveal earlier today as well as pricing options for the game.

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spicelicka341d ago

Don't like that fact that they used the exact same engine. Come on Activision.

Garethvk341d ago

What is your take on PC users having to use Battlenet?

spicelicka341d ago

I don't play on PC so I don't really have an opinion on that. Battlenet is a free client so i can't imagine that being a big issue, I'm sure many people would've preferred Steam though. At least it's finally on PC.

krypt1983341d ago

Activision owns blizzard which owns why would you lose money and pay steam wtf why are people surprised it's common sense

corroios341d ago

They did? didnt read nothing about that.

Garethvk341d ago

It was at the end of the livestream. They had the head of Blizzard on video from China. They are the same company though as it is Activision/Blizzard

vickers500341d ago

Why? Not every new entry in a franchise needs a brand new engine, that's a total waste of time and resources in this case. Destiny 1 is still an amazing looking game, and runs surprisingly very well. Now, maybe for Destiny 3, sure, they can change it up then, but creating a new engine or making new content in different engine is a much greater task, and will take away focus from the actual game content itself.

Now that Bungie have their Destiny engine up and running, and are well versed in the ins and outs of how it works, they can put all their focus into making game content this go around. Time will tell if they actually will do that, but Destiny 2 is far more promising than Destiny 1. They have their engine up and running, they have the foundation for the game in place, they are no longer hindered by legal battles and f*ckery (Destiny 1 was stripped of the majority of its content due to legal battles and was frankenstein'd together for release, that's why it got delayed so much, and why it launched with so little content, why the story didn't make sense, the original game would have a lot more content and story, and would have been a more complete game).

But now they are unshackled by all that, so there should be no excuse for Destiny 2 to be lacking.

Back to the engine thing though, games only need new engines every 3 games or so, if every new entry into a franchise created a new engine each time a game was released, then franchises would suck and would barely ever get the chance to improve.

Games that take FOREVER to come out can be an exception to this, like Zelda or Persona. But games that launch every 2 or 3 years don't need new engines.

spicelicka339d ago

That's all fine, all I'm saying is that it's disappointing to not see a big improvement in graphics, doesn't mean it'll be a bad game.

vickers500339d ago

I've played Destiny 1 A LOT (more than I care to admit), and I think based on the gameplay trailer, it does look like a big improvement in graphics.

krypt1983341d ago

it's a fucking new engine do a little research before you spout stupid sh!t ...

DoomeDx340d ago

Did you know that Horizon Zero Dawn uses the 'old' Shadow Fall engine? Do you hate Guerilla Games now too?

spicelicka339d ago

No because it looks amazing. End of the day difference in graphics between Killzone shadow fall and Horizon is extremely noticable while Destiny 1 and 2 don't look very different at all.

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PapaBop341d ago

Honestly think it looks good but ultimately I hope that was just an initial reveal and they have a lot more cool stuff and content to showcase. No new classes announced yet is a bit of a downer but the Sentinel spec (Captain America ripoff) looks really cool.

Garethvk341d ago

I am curious if they will do hands on at E3 like they did with the first. We have our meeting set with Activision and they did not mention hands on for this one but rather another title as this just had a meeting which is usually us in a room watching footage.

darren_poolies341d ago

Well they're doing a hands on at that event so I don't see why they wouldn't at E3.

SolidGear3341d ago

Of course they'll be at E3.. You already know they're going to hype this as much as possible before launch!

Garethvk341d ago

They do not have hands on schedule for us. I have a meeting set and they mention another game which is presentation and hands on but Destiny 2 is listed as Presentation only. Now they may have the public beta out by then or have not settled on what they do there but for press your meetings are usually spelled out in terms of what you will see, how much time you will have and so on.

corroios341d ago

i was disappointed with the Titan power, because all is supers, beside the defensive, are brutal and this one....

VideoGameLab341d ago

They got a whopping 1 Raid, wuuuhuuu.
From what I have seen so far, I will pass. Doesn't look like anything I would want to play. Looks like a grind fest for teens.

TheGamez100341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Looks exactly like the first game and just an expansion. Im guessing theres only one raid in the base game huh bungie... Hope theres actually more content this time instead of just a huge grindfest.

ryuuzakibjorn341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

"The product line-up will also feature the Destiny 2 – Game + Expansion Pass Bundle at $8999 SRP" What a steal!

In all seriousness, they should (or the article writer) should proof next time ;)

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