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Destiny 2 Shows More Gameplay, New Exotics and Much More in New Video

Another gameplay video of Destiny 2 showcases features, weapons, new exotics and much more.

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Community400d ago
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Abriael401d ago
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brich233401d ago

99% the same, so all TRASH!!

meka2611400d ago

Agreed, still looks like an expansion for the first game.

UnHoly_One400d ago

Well considering the first game was one of the best games I've played this generation, I'm pretty damned glad it's mostly the same.

Sevir400d ago

We're you expecting it to suddenly become a racing game? Wtf is wrong with you elitists pricks? Lol were you expecting a shared world shooter to suddenly change and come something else in the next game?

3 years later and you punks are still talking crap about it?

Tussin187400d ago

Please tell us one game where the sequel changed gameplay completly? Just because YOU didn't like it, doesn't mean millions of other people did including myself.

Obviously, you don't like the game so don't buy it. There will be plenty of other options this fall. That's why more than 1 game is made.

No disagree from me.

Ceaser9857361399d ago

Next Activision will come up with offer will be like this "Import your Destiny 1 guardian to Destiny 2 with all the levels and weapons for $$$$$ " :D :D

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XXanderXX400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Give us Xbox consumers a glimpse of what it looks like on Scorpio , we all know you've seen it now show us .

Mr_GoolyPunch400d ago ShowReplies(1)
Christopher400d ago

Doubtful they've had enough time with whatever Scorpio kit they have to make something they'd want to present. Probably still trying to squeeze as much out of it as they can while parallel developing.

krypt1983400d ago

devs have had scropio kits for 2 years now

Rude-ro400d ago

It will look like the Xbox one version

Benchm4rk400d ago

Just look at the PS4 Pro version and that will be pretty much it. It won't be drastically different from that. Bungie wI'll aim for a consistent experience across both platforms. They always do

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cellfluid400d ago

It seems like indi devs are pushing the hardware alot further that most these mega franchises cough (Activision) this is an embarrassment. The same ol bs

UnHoly_One400d ago

WTF are you on about?

Show me an indie game that looks better than this, please.

cellfluid400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Just to name one Housemarque as they are making sure the take FULL advantage of the hardware on the pro Making sure their game run @ 60fps and higher resolution than 1080p and not dealing wit the bs limits as bungie is clearly doin.. I give props to the indi out there thats taking advantage of the hardware unlike this destiny 2crap which is the same as destiny 1.. They hit you with bs excuses saying they don't watch to split the player base by giving one 30fps and the other 60fps then why not create to lobbies online one 30fps and the other 60fps. Now that's something NEW!!!! but they lazy and it will never get done. Give the player options not forced restrictions....

UnHoly_One399d ago

You think Nex Machina looks better than Destiny 2?

Alright then.... Well there is obviously no point in talking to you anymore, you've clearly lost your mind.

Good day sir. Have a safe trip home from Bizarro world.

Sam Fisher400d ago

Hmmm i don't know 🤔 im stuck in the middle there are things i like and there things im not feeling about, ill have to try out the beta

Asuka400d ago

Probably the most reasonable comment on the subject i have read in the last 24hrs.

Tussin187400d ago

I agree with you except for the beta part. With games with betas, I tend to not play the final release so much because I play the beta too much. I look forward to the release though and will read people's impressions of the beta.

No disagree from me if you get one.

400d ago
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