ARMS runs at 1080p and 60fps in docked mode, 900p in split-screen

A recent test drive of Digital Foundry, in fact, shows that ARMS maintains unflinchingly 60 frames per second on Nintendo Switch.

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moldybread95d ago

Very cool that Nintendo knows how response times are very important for gameplay and not just all about graphics.

Last_Boss94d ago

But it doesn't have anything taxing it. It almost has the same style as Punch out on the Wii.

Venox200894d ago

Doubt it.. this graphics definitely many times more demanding that any Wii game..including punchout

Last_Boss94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

It just looks shinier, with a little bit more going on in the 3D space. My comment wasn't a dig, it was a perspective view.

_-EDMIX-_94d ago

Agreed. I was thinking the same thing. This game doesn't look even remotely taxing.

@Venox-More taxing, but doesn't look at much more. Wii U maybe?

deafdani94d ago


This is Punch Out Wii, running at full 1080p via Dolphin Emulator:

And this is ARMS:

It's not even close, buddy. Absurd comparison is absurd.

Last_Boss94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Didn't have a side by side, don't care. I know exactly what I meant, this is not astronomical. I was comparing 2 Nintendo products with the sprite styles.

AZRoboto94d ago

Motion controls and monitoring changes in up to four gyroscopic inputs can be more taxing than we think.

Last_Boss94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

+1 AZ, Though I won't get this game when comes out, I like the positive insight. Also they need a Robo Lil Mac, for a hidden character.

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TekoIie95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Very good to see the game runs flawlessly in both docked and handheld mode. Sacrificing 60 fps for 4 player splitscreen is disappointing however, its an understandable tradeoff.

It'll be interesting to see how the controls hold up during the TestPunch.

Munnkyman95d ago

I wonder with an update they would drop the splitscreen to 720p to have it fun at 60fps.

xPhearR3dx95d ago

Splitscreen is 900p 60fps. Its only locked at 30 for 4 player splitscreen.

chris23595d ago

great to see the switch having the horsepower to run ghis game flawlessly.

MagicBeanz95d ago

lol, well I would hope so, these kiddie show graphics dont appear to be that demanding, if switch cant do 60 on this game then that would be ridiculous. Lets see what it does with a much more graphically demanding game, if it gets any.

Perjoss95d ago

profile picture checks out

MagicBeanz95d ago

Oh man what a sick burn, you get a gold star.

xPhearR3dx95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

And the PS4 can't even run Knack's "kiddie graphics" at 1080p 60fps, you need a PS4 Pro and even that can't run native 4K 60fps. The Switch console itself is roughly the same size as a PS4 controller. The fact that the little tablet can run this game with "kiddie graphics" at 1080p 60fps at 1/4th the size and being portable is pretty impressive. Especially considering the power of the PS4 compared to the Switch.

MagicBeanz95d ago

What does the PS4 have to do with my comment, what does 4k have to do with it? Did you just need to vent about your hate for Sony/Playstation, LOL you Nintendo fanboys are hilarious, do you feel better? Settle down there kiddo you're taking things way too seriously. lol

xPhearR3dx95d ago

Actually I'm more of a PC "fanboy" IF anything. I game on PC, PS4, Switch, Wii U and 3DS. PC being preferred. Since you decided to indirectly compare the graphic fidelity and performance to other consoles, I spoke about the other console I own. The PS4. I'm not going to speak about Xbone because I don't have one nor will I ever need or buy one. Your uneducated, uniformed opinion is the only thing hilarious here.

jlove4life94d ago

Magikbeans i got this dude @xphearr3dx so you are comparing knack with more polygons and particle effects in its arms than any nintendo switch arms character model entire body yeah ok my friend

fleecejohnson7594d ago

Don't take that clown seriously. As he or she is the same person whining about that universally viewed as mediocore to bad game the order being unfairly criticized. This clown is asking you what does the ps4 have to do with his comment yet they are bringing up sales & alluding to other consoles as he makes excuses for a known quantity viewed by most. Even those who have purchased it. Yet here hating on something they have not even touched on a system they almost surely have not even touched, let alone own. Just look at that lowlife's post history; as it inflicts more wounds than anything else to their credibility.

xPhearR3dx94d ago


Oh you got me? Well shucks. I mean, since you want to dive into specifics. Are YOU really going to compare a home console to a hybrid console that's 1/4 the dimensions of a PS4 that's built with portability in mind? Don't play pixel count with me "dude", I'm a PC guy, it's kind what were apparently known for until you Sony fanboys finally got a taste of 1080p 60fps and all of a sudden want to count pixels and frames. Get off your high horse. It's like comparing desktops to laptops. It's stupid, ignorant, makes you look dumb and a complete waste of time. They're built with the same core focus, but meant for many different reasons only one can offer and vice versa.

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FancyMudkip94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I guess whenever a Switch article pops up and they are stating something positive or whatever, people like you have to come here and brag about power when PC wipes the floor with consoles anyway. The Switch may lack power in comparison to the PS4/Xbox One, but at least Nintendo knows how to make their games work and run oustandingly sufficient like this one. Do you feel the need to gain attention by posting something that is truly childish and unnecessary? Probably you should be the one to pipe down and not let your leash get loose whenever a positive Nintendo articles comes in near you.

Segata94d ago

Everyone ignore this dope. He just trolls Nintendo articles with the same comments.

fleecejohnson7594d ago

How about you go back to defending that graphically demanding game that you were captain save a ho'ing for that the majority thought was garbage known as the order 1886? Funny you come here to try & throw shade on a pretty much unknown quantity yet defend a gane that even quite a few who purchased it feel was a pos. Bringing up the Xbox & console sales for no damn reason other than to have a boogeyman or scapegoat for it's failure to be received better.

Also I notice that you didn't have much else to say to xPheaR3dx after he called you out. Typical as when the argument isn't in your favor or loses it's punch we tend to slide off quietly & stfu. Either that or we conveniently shift to something else. Like how exclusives are all that matter now that some are available. Hilariously enough when Nintendo fans talked about exclusives and what was out there wasn't worth talking about , they only wanted to talk about third party games.

And on the flip side when you couldn't hold that over Xbox fans heads, you held onto resolution and other things that people barely noticed until dome site drew red circles around it to help ya out. Until of course some of you actually did start getting some exclusives worth talking about. So nobody wants to hear your bullschitt dude.

You don't like it, don't play it. You guys fruity ass trolling around here over everything that's not about your favorite toy is annoying & played out though. I mean hell, not everybody gives a damn about your toy or it's games either. That's why all 3DS guys with the main consoles at able to keep making money. Yet God forbid if you say that around here. Crazy that the mods never find guys like you around here, but they were quick to jump on rookie monster in any of his crazy incarnations. What makes you guys any different doing the same crap daily?

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MilkMan95d ago

This game looks like its running at 15 fps. I keep asking myself how can this game be fun when it moves so slow?
I'm waiting on the demo dates to prove my theory incorrect.

NiteX94d ago

Looks 60 to me. Youz trippin.

EddieNX 94d ago

its 60 locked what are u talkin about?

MilkMan94d ago

the animations look slow as molasses. For a fighter, they move like they're underwater.

fleecejohnson7594d ago

You are drinking more than milk if you see that kid. I have heard some stupid things in folks effort to downplay, hate on & just plain criticize Nintendo's effort, but that$s the absolute dumbest. Which ia saying something given where we are. I would say that you're trying to hard, but iy seems you"re barely trying at all. At least be good or entertaining witg your tripe like some here.

mamotte94d ago

Maybe you need to start running kiddo. Maybe you're The Flash or Quicksilver and you don't know it.

davand11494d ago

Frames per second doesn't have anything to do with how fast the characters are, it has to do with how smooth the game runs.

94d ago
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