What if PS5 launched in 2018?

Could Sony release PS5 in 2018 or is this nothing more than wishful thinking? D-pad Joy consider the pros and cons of a 2018 launch...

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bouzebbal187d ago

with all these exclusive games coming up next year and beyongd i think we won't be hearing about PS5 before holiday 19, at the earliest.
PS4 doesn't have competition and it just needs to keep riding on the hype and deliver great games.

Kingthrash360187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

For some reason these articles pop up like ps4 owners want this or Sony feels like pissing 60 million people off. There is truly no need for it to drop. It's not like they have a reason to.

NextGenCeo187d ago

Yeah both you guys right! I`m thinking the same.

morganfell187d ago

As long as the PS5 is fully compatible Sony won't be pissing off 60 million players anymore than they pissed off standard PS4 owners with the Pro. And people should be prepared for some sort of mention of the PS5.

RosweeSon187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Yeah so many great games coming More will come no doubt and yeah Sony are on what 50-60 million they'll wanna be more like 100 million before dropping a ps5, sure it'll be getting planned but won't be coming any time soon. It's not need for one I'm happy with my PS4 for another 1-2 minimum. Backlog is massive ;)
"People should be prepared for some mention of ps5"... yeah.. in a couple of years. E3 2017 not a single mention of ps5... E3 2018 still unlikely. They are smashing it and sure make ps5 BC and don't piss off 60 million customers... why would they tho they are still selling million upon millions sure don't piss people off but if they are still flocking to your console in the millions your gonna talk next gen? No chance. When the sales slow down to a steady pace maybe but you've got another 12-18 months before sales start slowing down if at all. 80-100 million consoles sold (i.e. Another year or so then yeah ps5 will get mentioned) they not gonna rush release it overnight tho because Scorpio is on the back foot and Sony are doing fine? Makes no sense.

JackBNimble187d ago

Well I would be pissed if ps5 came out next year.

darthv72187d ago

If they do... they do. If they dont... they dont. Wont bother me as i will get it when i feel the time is right.

I waited 3 years to get both ps4 and xb1, i am patient when it comes to such things.

b163o1187d ago

"If Sony are happy that PS4 and the Pro are enough to keep them afloat"

Bobby Hill voice "What are you talking about"

Exclusives keep Sony afloat. Its best if Sony Wait a year or two after M$ drops Scorpio, cause they'll put out a better console and it'll be to soon for M$ to try and sell another console with pissing off there core....

rainslacker186d ago

I wouldn't expect a PS5 announcement this year. There aren't even any rumors floating around, and we're less than 2 months from E3. If PS5 was anywhere near ready to be announced, the word would be getting around the back channels, and eventually rumors would come out. Most of the rumors that surround new console releases are actually planned leaks, not some insider info.

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donthate187d ago

but what if?

I see, a very angry mob of PS4 Pro owners, upset customers, compatibility issues, high price tag due to lackluster demand and marginally (in every sense of the word) performance increase.

rainslacker186d ago

And what if MS doesn't deliver on top quality AAA exclusives this year?

I see people get upset when it's implied, but it's just a what if, and don't even consider what would happen in that scenario.

But with this, there is nothing going around that it's ready for release in a year, which means a reveal is highly unlikely. In any case, Sony is much more likely to have a special event for a PS5 reveal. It's not a mid-gen upgrade, and this year, with Scorpio coming, and Switch doing well, Sony will likely double down on games like they did last year when they knew this stuff was coming as well.

1Victor187d ago

PlayStation fanboys say "all Sony have to do to kill Scorpio is some words like the future is coming PS5 12tf

Xbox fanboy say it won happen Sony can't afford to piss their fan base and it's too soon they need all the money they can get from PS4

wampdog29187d ago

I actually think they'd sell more Pro's if they just came out and said not to expect it until 2019. I think that's why some are iffy on buying a Pro.

XanderZane187d ago

Only if they want to kill their PS4/PS4 Pro market. PS4 has all these exclusive coming out over the next 2 years. It would be stupid to release a PS5 in 2018.

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lelo2play187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

"What if PS5 launched in 2018?"

It would be the end of my console gaming days. New consoles every year is too expensive for me.
I was going to purchase a PS4 Pro during the summer, now after all these rumours, not purchasing it any more. Sony should just come clear and end these rumours. It hurts them more if they don't say anything.

Doesn't matter much, I'm mostly a PC gamer anyhow...

Nyxus187d ago

I don't even know where those rumors originated. Sony hasn't said anything about the PS5.

RosweeSon187d ago

They did but only that it might not happen 🤥

We All Know it will happen we just don't have the slightest clue when.. educated guess tho 2019 Japan/Dec rest of the world 2020!earliest. They are smashing it selling them by the boatload still so they just gonna abandon and move on.. even if they made it BC it's just not gonna happen anytime soon. Sony have got one objective... keep smashing it and keep selling ps4's they clearly wanna smash 100 million consoles sold again for a 3rd generation and I can't see them not doing it the way it's going, switch is interesting Xbox certainly isn't, PS3/360 85 million each PS4/xb1 60/30? Million. Xbox ain't selling another 55 million Xbox ones... they'll be lucky to clear 40 million Xbox ones... that a lot of customers lost have they vanished... surely more come along as well. Clearly Sony sold 100/125 million with ps1/2 so they lost customers on PS3 (not that ps1's did break my disc drive broke and the kept re-releasing they to keep up with the war against piracy) so I'm sure people bought 2-3 over its lifespan. Anyway PS4 is moping up all the gamers in the wild and currenty I can see them hitting same heights as previous.

Who knows E3 next month Microsoft might buy Sega and give everyone a free console? Would be nice (free console not buying sega) but highly unlikely of course but I guess you never know, with their attach rate tho highly unlikely.

Aenea187d ago

"every year"?

The Pro was released in 2016, 2018 would be two years after it. Too soon, yes, but not every year.

The rumours were started by some analyst, why would Sony need to address that? It's just a stupid rumour and it's highly unlikely to be true.

You can expect the PS5 in 2019 tho, after all the Pro was a mid-gen upgrade, original release of PS4 was 2013, the Pro was apparently released in the middle of the gen in 2016 so it seems to be expected that 2019 will see the release of the PS5...

donthate187d ago

These rumors are BS, because fanboys on one side is now loosing the performance crown that they clung to on the PS4. There is no truth to it, because console business is driven by a lot of factors among them, fabrication method of semiconductors. There has been no real advancement, so a 2018 release would mean just another Scorpio. That's assuming Sony is willing to put as much resources into R&D.

If you want a PS4 Pro, wait for a sale and pick it up. You are not going to get another console, and even Playstation head says, this is the console lineup for some time. I would imagine some time is a lot longer than 1-2 year.

rainslacker186d ago

There are no rumors. No insider info. Nothing going around the dev channels. Nothing.

All these reports are just mere "what if" type speculations trying desperately to get hits during a time when gaming news pretty much comes to a stand still as everyone goes silent for E3.

If you want a Pro, then go buy one. Wait for after E3 if you want, it'll still be summer. PS5 is likely a 2020-2021 release with a very slim chance for a 2019 release if Scorpio somehow manages to make a dent.

ILostMyMind175d ago

Sony does not spread rumors and promises via Twitter. Also do not need to pronounce about them. Just stop to listen.

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SaveFerris187d ago

I think N4G has seen more than enough of these articles asking the same question. I'm pretty sure the majority of Playstation gamers that visit this website don't want a PS5 in 2018.

RosweeSon187d ago

Nor 2019 overly. What's the rush the games are still looking better and better PS4 hasn't peaked... and that's base model. Look at God of war ps2 and gran turismo 6 launching on PS4 right at the end of the consoles life... Sony consoles as All consoles do get he right developers on board and the games get better and better looking of course they will peak but they haven't. Let's wait for Red Dead, Days gone, GTA6?, last of us 2 and Death Stranding, New god of war looks pretty epic as well.

rainslacker186d ago

I don't think any PS gamer actually expects on that soon, much less wants one. Maybe there are some, I don't really care to speak for everyone.

These are just some speculation articles, nothing more. With Scorpio on the horizon, it's an interesting topic to what if. But any arguments become dull because it defies all logic that Sony would release it that soon. If they were that close to releasing a PS5, then they had no reason to release the Pro. They could have saved a lot of money in R&D and marketing to not do a mid-gen, and then just keep MS stuck having to support forward compatibility with the X1 because they wanted to get their system out early, all while surpassing Scorpio with their own hardware.

It makes much more sense that Sony would hold off until they can release something much more powerful than Scorpio, because PS4P is more than sufficient to compete for the next few years.

Derceto187d ago

What if it did? The adoption of .5 consoles in Pro and Scorpio, have shown these companies that the masses are stupid enough to throw money at them with the equivalent IQ of a brick. Nobody should be surprised if PS5 were to be released next year.

That said, I doubt it will, and likely looking at late 19 or 20 release.

Nyxus187d ago

There is a difference between a mid-gen upgrade and an entirely new generation.

OB1Biker187d ago

Possibly a revised PSVR. We know Sony is working on competitive tracking and wireless. So there's that I'd say. Ps5 though is very doubtful.

donthate187d ago

This is easy!

You know why these companies don't want to do a frequent hardware updates?

Because these companies typically don't profit from hardware, and have to carry extra risk due to cost of carrying another line of product, and R&D. Developers don't like it, because now they have to now support a third console that is marginally better. Consumers don't like it, because there is too frequent changes in a market that tends to be stable, and because they feel like they are being left behind. Finally, the technology for semiconductors isn't ready yet so advancement worthy of calling it PS5 isn't there.

So yes, we would be surprised at a PS5 in 2018, and it would be incredibly stupid to do so. I more than anyone want Sony to be in the first place, because that is bringing the best out of MS for Xbox.