Download size revealed for Arms Global Testpunch

The download size has been revealed for the Arms Global Testpunch.

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340d ago
indyman77339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

1.5 gig is Not bad for a download of a full HD game. Give Nintendo credit they made it so you can buy a Micro SD card....or a Micro SDHC card. Both of them open format. And neither of them is being sold by Nintendo.

No other manufacturer have made it so that the majority of your storage is not something they are trying to profit from.
Not to mention it is the fastest storage's you can get.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory339d ago

well you don't have to buy those if you're going full Physical because games don't install.

But of course if you're going to buy dlc, digital only games and updates/patches will take space.