NorthQ Siberian Tiger CPU Water Cooler Review

Softpedia reports:

''We have to admit that, when we received the Siberian Tiger CPU Water Cooler from NorthQ, some investigation was required. That is because NorthQ isn't among the biggest names in the computer hardware cooling market, where companies such as Thermaltake, Zalman, Cooler Master and other take the center stage frequently.

However, we are not in the habit of discrediting any manufacturer until we have a chance to test at least one of their products. That is also the case with the NorthQ Siberian Tiger CPU Water Cooler, a solution that will most probably meet the requirements of most computer users out there on the lookout for a custom cooling solution for their high-end CPU. The product is part of the company's lineup of watercooling kits that also includes the NQ-3590 Siberian Tiger II, which sports a dual 120mm radiator.''

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