Microsoft @ E3 2017: 20 Educated Guesses on What to Expect

Sean @ Finger Guns: Here’s what we think we will and won’t see during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press Conference.

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N4realGMRZ128d ago

not sure how educated these guesses are......

XanderZane128d ago

Well, they already said no new Halo or Gears games would be announced, so their 4, 5 & 14 guesses can be thrown out the window. #8 is a given. Microsoft always shows off what new Indie games that are coming over the next 1-2yrs. I'm expecting a new Fable & Splinter Cell game as well. Also expecting at least 5+ New IP games. Maybe 5 sequels or reboots from previous games that were on the OG XBox. Then there will probably be a few VR games as well.

mark_parch128d ago

at least 5 new ip games is extremely optimistic lol. i really hope your right but i think it will be more like 2 new ip. i think it's to early for fable to. i think there's more chance of ryse 2 and seeing rare's other game

Jakens128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

They do need Fable, Splinter Cell and 5 new IPs. They don't have many other choices. I hope you are right.

I believe they have it under control.

XanderZane128d ago

I know what you are saying, but I just don't think 2 new IP's is going to cut it. That's just not enough to please the masses. I would love to see a new Ryse 2 game. The first game wasn't perfect, but I still got some fun out of it.

gangsta_red128d ago

I was saying that even if Halo 6 isn't revealed I think some of Halo will be shown with when MS announces games for VR. I have to think that Halo 5 and Forza 7 will be demoed for the device.

LordJamar128d ago

no no no no they have crack down 3, sea of theives and state of decay 2 no more halo gears forza ant you sick of ppl meme bashing that crap about xbox? there trying to show case something different and you ppl keep asking for more halo

gangsta_red128d ago

I'm not saying they'll have a new Halo but just to showcase VR and how all their own games will be in 4k for Scorpio. Since Halo is their flagship title it would make sense to show something like Halo for their new VR. Unless MS has something entirely new to show off for their VR headset.

dilbig5128d ago

Kinda ironic you say they'll show different stuff but continue to name the same 3 games. 2 of which are not new IPs. Fanboyism

mark_parch128d ago

i think they will show minecraft, mechassault anfallout in vr

SideNote128d ago

Go through Microsofts Xbox e3 history on YouTube, your see how much is fabricated. Game clips, tech demos that don't actually work, even games that don't come out or get cancelled. What they show and what we get are 2 different things.

JasonKCK128d ago

In other words you're just trolling.

343_Guilty_Spark128d ago

They'll have new 3rd party Xbox exclusives that will be shown running on Scorpio. I will guess 3-4 titles for the fall.

Some DLC for Halo 5 and Gears 4.

Crackdown, Ori 2, Below, cuphead, Ashen

Nothing will be shown running on Xbox One S.

demonddel128d ago

Microsoft will deliver at E3 trust me folks this is not a lie and I'm not xbot or whatever they called Microsoft is so confident that change the date to Sunday

mark_parch128d ago

i really hope your right but things phil has said recently have me slightly worried like he said the games need more time to show them off which could mean 10-15 minute demo's not leaving much time for anything new. he also said on the unlocked video he hasn't got some big AAA exclusive game up his sleeve that nobody knows about releasing this year.

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