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COGconnected writes: The Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels expansion has arrived. Take a ride (and a couple loops) in the very best Hot Wheels gaming experience ever!

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christocolus368d ago

Great Job Turn10 and PG games

Patriot4Life368d ago

I can't wait to see what PG new game is - just the fact that's its not a racer and its open world has me intrigued.

Hope they take full advantage of the Scorpio!

XanderZane368d ago

Probably one of the best racing expansion game this gen. I honestly don't know how they are going to top this game next year.

timotim368d ago

The best arcade racer of all time!

demonddel368d ago

Burnout Revenge and Most wanted is arcade Forza Horizon 3 is the best racer of any kind

XanderZane368d ago

Arcade racers aren't open world. Daytona USA and Hydro Thunder are arcade racers. FH3 is not.

timotim368d ago

I don't really agree with your statement. An arcade racer can be closed track or an open world...thats not what determines sim vs arcade...what determines that is how realistic it is or what it aspires to be. Horizon is arcade because it doesn't want to take itself seriously. It never aspires to be realistic or serious. The very nature of this Hotwheels expansion is could never happen in a realistic setting.

XanderZane367d ago

Well, let me ask you this. Have you've ever gone to an arcade and play a racing game that was open world? I didn't think so. Arcade racing games always have a point A to point B path that you must take to complete the race. They usually don't have realistic controls or perfect physics with the cars. Each car pretty much drives the same and controls the same, except for some weight, speed, and nitro stats differences.

Now, none of this is in Forza Horizon 3. It uses real physics and the cars control like the actual cars in the real world. Also, you can pretty much go anywhere to get from point A to point B in a race, unlike an arcade racing game. So no, FH3 is not an arcade racing game. Yes the Hot Wheels Racing expansion is in fact an arcade racer. There are tracks and you can only go from point A to point B. It's purposely made to be a fun arcade type racing game. You can easily see the difference when you compare it to FH3 open world game. Nuff said.

timotim367d ago

Yeah, I disagree. I mean you can look at games like NBA Jam, vs never aspires to take it self too fact its over the top on purpose, where as something like NBA2K is meant to be a sim. It strives to make it the most realistic NBA game on the market. Sure, FH3 isn't as over the top as other racers out there, but it is still arcade. Yes, the physics are a great mixture of sim/cade, but anyone who has played Forza Motorsport can instantly tell the game is tuned down. The reason why HotWheels works in FH3 is because its an arcade game, this could never be done on Motorsport and feel believable.

XanderZane367d ago

Maybe you are thinking of Burnout games. That's definitely arcade. FH3 isn't an arcade racer. The physics, sound, and control of the cars are more sim then arcade. The data is taken right from the Forza Motorsports games which is a sim. The streets and landscapes in the games are created from the real locations. The Hot Wheels expansion is in fact over the top with looped and corkscrew tracks. The only part of FH3 that's even remotely arcade is completing some of the tasks (smashing the signs. jumping a certain distance or drifting for a long period of time. Also using a type of slot machine to win $$$ and cars is arcade like). That's about it though. You can believe whatever you want. To me it's not an arcade racer. Anyone who've played lots or arcade racing games would tell you the same thing.

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Bobafret368d ago

Awww, salty PS fanboy disagwees.

bluefox755368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I'm a PS4 fan, I don't disagree (well, the game is a lot of fun, calling it "the king of racers" is a bit of a stretch though, lol). I don't need an Xbox to play this though, so I'm not sure what you're getting at.

DJustinUNCHAIND368d ago

This game looks beautiful on my KS8000.

This ecpansion really lets the colors pop.

Brilliant game.

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