Gamervision Review: Samba De Amigo

GV reports:

''Samba de Amigo is actually a remake of an early cult classic among Dreamcast fans. Created by Sega and shipped with maraca controllers, the original game was fairly popular in its day, and it seems like a natural fit to bump up the graphics, throw in motion sensitive functionality, and jump in the line of Wii ports. The game is one fitting of revitalization, and it's easy to see why it's deserving of a Wii edition. If anything, it's less gimmicky than the original. Plenty of new features were added for this edition, like Mii support, improved graphics, downloadable content, and an expanded single player campaign, as well as over twenty new songs. The question that remains, is all of this enough to justify making Amigo a purchase?

Going in, I expected a train wreck of controls similar to other music games on the Nintendo Wii. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only were they simple, but fairly accurate. It wasn't long before I was getting 98-100% clears on some of the tracks on the easiest setting, while climbing up the medium bracket. There are six areas to shake towards as well as different modifiers that will have you dancing and posing. At times, certain motions aren't registered appropriately and accuracy tends to slip as the game becomes more difficult. However, since this game isn't likely to attract the most hardcore of gamers, their target market is well served.''

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