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yeahright2189d ago

He would have the look and definitely can command the presence.

Relientk77189d ago

Mads would be great, and look at that picture. Very on point

JackieDrunken189d ago

Matthias Schoenaerts is an actor from Beligium that speaks perfect English. Great actor and looks similar to Geralt.

Mads would be amazing as his fellow Witcher that trains Geralt.

Side note: Mads is da man! Can't wait to see more on Death Stranding!

Drakul189d ago

Absolutely wrong, he is toooo stoic for Gerhalt.

Retard188d ago

I wouldn't necessarily disagree, but I would see him as Vesemir over Geralt IMHO. As said above, his commanding presence differs from Geralt's 'loner'' feel

Kabaneri188d ago

Josh Holloway, the guy who played Sawyer from Lost, has the perfect face for it.

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XanderZane189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

This isn't to hard honestly. There are 2 excellent actors who could pull this off very well. Both have done some great action films.
Michael Fassbender
Benedict Cumberbatch

I'd give honorable mention to Charlie Hunnam.

Elit3Nick189d ago

But neither have the look for Geralt, I certainly would like to see them as different characters but Geralt should look similar to his in-game portrayal.

XanderZane188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

All of them could look like Geralt. Only Benedict would be a hard sell. All of them are excellent actors. Who did you have in mind? You want someone who can act as well, not just look like the character.

Reported?? lol!! For what?

Mr Bean as a parody comedy maybe, but that's about it. Who were you thinking of to play the part? I'd love to hear other people's suggestions.

Mr-Dude189d ago

I rather see Mr.Bean play Geralt than those three...

Goldby189d ago

Rowan Atkinson would be an amazing Geralt lol

My name is Mr witcher

arkard189d ago

I think Travis Fimmel could pull the look off the best.

shadowraiden188d ago

tbh Geralt wont be the main character they clearly stated based on the books not the game.

the game made Geralt the main character when he was just a costar in the books.

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PolishWingedHussar189d ago

Ah, nice to know I'm not the only one who likes Hunnam and Mikkelsen! ;)

Chaosdreams189d ago

I like all of those suggestions.

Fearmonkey189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Scott Eastwood... I like the idea of someone who could pull it off, that could look like geralt with the right makeup and clothes but isnt a big star or as well known. Scott has the look, physique, and height, not sure about his acting.

What I dont want, a big name actor who has alot of roles under his name already, like Chris Hemsworth.

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