Splatoon 2 file size

NE: "We’re still two months away from Splatoon 2’s release, but we already know the game’s file size".

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3-4-5366d ago

Not bad. Get a solid high quality game on the switch without taking up too much space. I'll be getting a physical copy though, but for others this is good news.

Smokingunz366d ago

That's if they have a physical copy.

nitus10366d ago

Assuming most high-quality Nintendo games do fall within the 3G to 15GB size you would still be restricted by the 25GB internal storage unless you get the game on a cartridge or purchase a good performing SD card and even then you are still restricted to the size of the SD card and it's price.

Supernintendo85366d ago

I don't think I've ever been concerned with gigs of games until I got my switch LOL glad it's a small game. That's pretty big considering recent releases though. Can't wait either way.

LordofYogurt366d ago

I have a 200GB SD card on my Switch and if titles keep coming out at around this size, I'm going to be real happy :)