Microsoft renews Scalebound rights

Scalebound, the expected new IP of Xbox that a few months ago was canceled , could continue in development . Microsoft has renewed the rights of IP, which has experienced some moves this past month.

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UCForce308d ago

Well, there are some hope for it. But I will wait for actual confirmation from MS.

Palomeski308d ago

That's right. It could mean anything. But it's something...

naruga308d ago

however it wont have Platinum games behind it ....i want to see who s going to take the risk of developping it -western? Japanese ?...really very curious

bouzebbal308d ago

strange move. i hope it turns decent.
i believe the guy behind it left Platinum Games.. don't remember his name.

Septic308d ago

It had potential but didn't seem all that. If a new studio is developing it, assuming it's in the works again, that doesn't really bode that well for the quality of a game, which was envisioned by someone else.

Overload308d ago

They'll probably make it. But it won't be Platnium who makes it. It will be outsourced to a no name developer and then be released for free with no advertisement or cancelled.

uptownsoul308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Good news... Now we have to see if it gets a full green light for production & then what development studio works on it.

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FITgamer308d ago

Apparentyly it's not in or going back into development.

darthv72308d ago

Didn't Capcom renew Deep Down even though NOTHING has transpired from the initial reveal soooo many years ago???

Renewing an IP can be for a couple of reasons. One would be to try and finish what they started. Another could be to keep another company from trying to use the name.

butchertroll308d ago

Quote :"Twitter user says they're developing it from the beginning. But until Microsoft confirms it we won't know for sure."

Some twitter user said? X-Rays? That guy is a joke. Game is DEAD!

Jez (not a mimic) @JezCorden
Getting questions about this rumor. It's false.

4Sh0w308d ago (Edited 308d ago )


Uhm anyone can check my post history if they like= I was excited for this game since it was revealed. I have also consistently said I was disappointed it was canceled. IF Microsoft revives it from the dead I will be just as excited for it as when it was first revealed.

No, flip flop here.

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murderlo308d ago

The renew is true. That does not mean that the game is going to come out.

Palomeski308d ago

Twitter user says they're developing it from the beginning. But until Microsoft confirms it we won't know for sure.

surveyfoll308d ago

If they renew the license it is because they want to launch the game

murderlo308d ago

No, that is not like that.
This happens many times, does not have to mean that the game is resumed. Hopefully, but there is no confirmation from Microsoft...

surveyfoll308d ago

I hope you are right.
I am new here. Hello!

Palomeski308d ago

It could be renewed just because of legal matters. Or perhaps they've waited until all license issues with Platinum Games were arranged. Anyway it's hopeful seing news like that, even if they don't mean anything.

TankCrossing308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Means little, other than Microsoft are taking sensible precautions. Imagine the reaction if Sony and Platinum announced Scalebound for PS4?

-Foxtrot308d ago


I remember when AGENT came out after a....oh wait

marquisray308d ago

Now y would u renew something and not bring it out lol keep hoping u lose lol

ImGumbyDammit308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

@surveyfoll This is a common practice. Doing avoids several issues.

First, with expired trademark rights someone like me could release a cheap Flappy Bird style game (but with 8bit dragons) and call it Scalebound. If Microsoft gave up their rights by not renewing the trademark they would have very little (actually none against my version) to defend the name and surrounding design mechanics as their property.

Second, they may have plans for the game. I highly doubt with all this reboot talk anything is in the pipeline for the near future. Even if the reboot rumors are false this is precautionary move, the same way they retain the IP rights for Fable or games they own (via Rare) that haven't seen the light of day for decades.

rainslacker308d ago

The name recognition from all the marketing they did is worth the rather paltry sum that a trademark costs. Even if MS never intends to continue with the series, the IP is worth something, and keeping the trademark means that it increases their worth. Otherwise, all they have is a bunch of assets which have no name attached to them, which while probably worth something, aren't worth as much as the name itself.

It's not uncommon at all for trademarks to be renewed for this purpose. Lots of games get this treatment, and we never see anything come from it.

There's hope MS will revisit the game, and maybe they will if they can now make it the way they want to, and potentially get a developer who they can work with and will be able to deliver. Lots of possibilities, and of course, everyone will have their own assumption about what it means.

alstruck308d ago

Or maybe they got money to spare and dont know what else to spend on.

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Sono421308d ago

As much as I wish this meant something positive.. I think this is them just renewing the rights so platinum (Or someone else) can't snag this up and then actually release it and then look stupid for trying to cancel it

Krysis308d ago

Or look stupid releasing another game that is not received well, which many people here love chastising them for

308d ago
CaptainObvious878308d ago

Knowing MS and their past behavior, that is most likely the case.

For xbone owners, thought, I hope they do release it.

Then I can play it on my PC also.

ImGumbyDammit308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

@CaptainObvious878 Stop with your bias viewpoint. I know you may not want to hear this but, this is not not a unique behavior exhibited by any company and definitely not Microsoft. Any company whether it be a product they haven't made in 25 years or another console company like Sony, Nintendo, Sega, etc... will attempt to keep all ownership of their IPs. I bet we could find multiples of examples of cancelled games from Sony's own past that they still retain the IP's for as well. This just happens to be a recent example. Nothing new in this process.

TXIDarkAvenger308d ago

Pretty much this. Nintendo has done the same thing with Eternal Darkness by renewing the trademark numerous times but nothing has come out of it.

BLizardXD308d ago

"As much as I wish this meant something positive.. I think this is them just renewing the rights so platinum (Or someone else) can't snag this up and then actually release it and then look stupid for trying to cancel it"

I was actually thinking the same thing. i would not be surprised to see sony moving quickly on this.

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Tear111308d ago

The trust has lost already

Araragifeels 308d ago

Better than be cancelled again

XanderZane308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

They will get someone else to either finish it or redo it from scratch somewhere down the road. If they are smart, they won't say shit about it until the game is completely done. Then just spring it on everyone out of the blue. That's what I would do anyways. Some games they just shouldn't show until they are done. They did this with Rare Replay.

rainslacker308d ago

I think they could likely use a lot of work that was already done on it to get something out of it at a much lower cost. In fact, I'd imagine this would be their approach if they intend to pursue it in the nearish future.

Gotta remember they invested a lot of money into the making of the game for all those years. It would be really wasteful to just scrap it. The assets are likely mostly done, and that alone could save them anywhere between 5-15 million depending on the full scope of the game. Changing game mechanics is easy enough if that is their intent, but more likely, they would just tune up what wasn't working, or add in/fix whatever it was that they wanted or wasn't working.

If I were going to pursue a project of this scope after cancelling it, that's what I'd do. They've already written off the money invested in the game, so it makes a reuse of the current done parts of the game much more likely to be successful, since the only cost attributed to it would be the new resources put into it.

Patriot4Life308d ago

I read somewhere that MS owns the IP but due to contractual agreement they couldn't just terminate PG and had to wait until a certain time to pass the project on to another developer.

People on here call MS evil for not giving PG more money and say it's MSs fault without knowing the entire Story...same with Phantom Dust reboot, MS did not like what they saw and did not want to give gamers a mediocre game - if the did, people would still call them worthless for releasing a bad game.

Sciurus_vulgaris308d ago

Well looked at how many other games Platnium finished before Scalebound, even after it was delayed. Some mismanagement of the studio's resources must of occurred.

rainslacker308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

We don't know what happened, and anything that was read by anyone was just speculation. MS could likely terminate their contract with P* at any given milestone if deadlines weren't being met. That's typically how it's written. It is rarely, if ever practiced. If I had to guess, it wasn't practiced in this case, MS just cancelled it because it wasn't living up to what they wanted, or the developer couldn't get it to what MS wanted.

What that was, or who's at fault is unknown to everyone except MS and P*. Everything else is speculation and assumption.


P* has been making multiple projects, big and small, concurrently for over a decade now. If P* mismanaged resources, it means MS paid for things that they didn't want to, and if that were the case, the game would not only likely be cancelled, P* would be in court as MS would sue them to recoup their money.

I think SB was a game with a rather large scope. It wasn't a small game. It wasn't meant to be a mid-tier title like some of their other titles. This was a AAA production. It is possible that P* or MS greatly misjudged just what it would take to make the game during pre-production, which caused the delays and stalling of progress on the game. Even if you remove any speculation of MS meddling, this was P* most ambitious game to date, and it is very possible that they just weren't prepared for just how much work would be done, or they weren't prepared for the problems that typically crop up in developing a game.

VoodooProject308d ago

Microsoft Studios and 343 now own assets to the game. Confirmed!


I think that it is only to stop others from making it! (imagine the humilliation if suddenly sony announced it as a ps4 exclusive)

butchertroll308d ago

Windows central : Ignore reports that #Scalebound is back in development, it's not. Sorry. :(

strifeblade308d ago

not happening. Renwed it so that some other asshole doesn't steal the name lol

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Drithe308d ago

Wanna bet that the game can only be on the new xbox? Gee I wonder why? Rolls eyes.

rainslacker308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Wonder if they'll develop in house if they continue the IP? Also wonder if they'll change up the original game to be more about the co-op than the SP.

Even if there was hope for it to continue, I still wouldn't be trusting that it'll be what it was originally intended.

Anyhow, it's more likely they just renewed it because they do have a lot of money spent on the production of the game before cancellation. It would be wasteful to lose that name recognition if they do decide to continue it one day. The cost of a trademark is less than a drop in the bucket compared to the name recognition they have with the IP given the amount of marketing they already put in it. That's worth keeping the rights to alone.

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surveyfoll308d ago

This is really!????? OMG!!!!!!

The_Sage308d ago

They're afraid Sony will snatch up the rights and produce the game for yet another exclusive.

pscgrizz308d ago

Nah, Microsoft have a strangle hold on their licenses. It was either getting made for Microsoft or not at all.

TRU3_GAM3R308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I hope it's true

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Kribwalker308d ago

As long as they fix it from the mess it was beginning to look like when platinum was developing I'd be interested in it. Obviously there was issues with platinums developement or this wouldn't even be a discussion

308d ago
rainslacker308d ago

The only thing unknown is what those issues were, and what/who was the cause of those issues.

It's obvious that P* couldn't get done what was expected, it's just unknown what expectations they were unable to meet. Whether it was their original intent of the game, anything MS wanted to add/change, or a combination of both.

Then of course there is the chance that the game just didn't live up to what the oriiginal concept suggested. However, it's kind of rare for games to go that far into development before that is known.

So, who knows. Guess it doesn't really matter anymore. Maybe one day more info will come out. Probably about the same time we hear about what happened between Konami and Kojima.

DragoonsScaleLegends308d ago

I second that, if they do bring it back my Xbox interest meter will come back alive.

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Darkfist_Flames308d ago

LOL, looks like the xbox fanboys gona praise this game again xD

snkiworld308d ago

They Praise the game till M$ Cancel it again

Septic308d ago

Looks like it's the Sony fanboys who hold Scalebound in high regard. 😁

EmperorDalek308d ago

Shut the hell up. Hardly anyone switched their stance on the game, it was a massive disappointment for a lot of Xbox fans.

PS4 fanboys need to piss off. Their toxic attitude has made it hard to enjoy this gen, even on the PS front.

Godmars290308d ago

Yeah, when it got canceled most were pretty much dumping on it. Now there's a chance it might come back, not being made by one of the few studios who could have done it, and somehow its going to be better than ever.

This is why these arguments are pointless. Self defeating.

aawells07308d ago

" and somehow its going to be better than ever"

Lmao not one person has said that. What's wrong with some of you people? What's wrong with people being excited for a game? Or the possibility of a game?

HotMoltenLava308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

You can't be that dumb can you? No one has said that, but hey this is N4G where people make shit up to bash it later.

gangsta_red308d ago (Edited 308d ago )


The arguements are pointless because of extreme generalizations like yours. Who said its going to be better than ever and why couldnt it be done by no one else but Platinum, who was dumping on it and are they praising it now?

If you're going to accuse arguements of being pointless and self defeating it may help to not be apart of it.

TheCommentator308d ago

If Platinum is one of the few studios who could have done it, then why didn't they suceed? Sounds like it's better off in anybody elses hands at this point.

As far as self-defeating arguments go... you must be an expert by now, huh. That's why you made a pointless statement about a topic you care little about.

Godmars290308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

What's wrong with taking MS at their word even well after the project it's behind stalls or falls apart?

"If Platinum is one of the few studios who could have done it, then why didn't they succeed?"

The insistence of online multiplayer for a singleplayer game. For a JP dev no less.

gangsta_red308d ago


"The insistence of online multiplayer for a singleplayer game. For a JP dev no less."

MP was implied at the end of the reveal trailer for this game when multiple dragon riders flew down to help the main protagonist. Even Kamiya explained that co-op would be a huge part of the game.

Unless you have info that suggests that it was forced in the game and that it was not originally planned by Platinum themselves, or is this more "better than ever" pointless, self defeating arguments?

Godmars290308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Given that the game was in development well before MS got involved or there was a trailer, can you prove that MP wasn't always a part of the game? Loot collection or customization for that matter.

No really, given that Fable Legends was a direct MS production that was shut down because of online multi issues, was a completed game only MS didn't want to do followup updates, or that Crackdown 3 is a thing still yet to be released or really shown off, how can you say that their focus on online multi isn't hurting them development wise?

gangsta_red308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

"Given that the game was in development well before MS got involved or there was a trailer,"

The game was never in development, it was always in a greenlight phase, even when they pitched it to Nintendo for the Wii.

That concept didn't work out and instead they made the W101, they then went to MS later and re-pitched the idea with the changes.

Platinum pitched the idea and the design of the game to Microsoft with the added changes.

"can you prove that MP wasn't always a part of the game?"

I just did with that link where Kamiya is actually explaining co-op, now, do you have any info that MP was forced or not?

" can you say that their focus on online multi isn't hurting them development wise?"

So I guess KI, Gears, Forza, Halo, Sunset, and other games from the 360 era never had multiplayer and this concept is something entirely new for MS when developing games huh?

Fable Legends had problems because it was a F2P game and was reported to not actually be fun or engaging (think Evolve) and Crackdown 3 is trying to introduce an entirely bold concept for it's gameplay online and the rumors of some problems in development were squashed. And none of those has anything to do with the info that you don't have and know anything about for what went down with Scalebound.

hamburgerhill308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Please reply Godsmar?

Godmars290308d ago

Okay. To what?

And you just here to be entertained hamburgerhill, hm?

As I've said before: these arguments are pointless. Gangsta_red, who once upon a time came off as semi-reasonable, seems to have gone off the deep end. His comments have become more accusations of blind loyalty than the subject at hand while being blindly loyal. All the titles brought up in his last post where multi-sequel franchises that began or became what MS seems to have in mind, which were multiplayer. Also Western made when the subject at hand regards a JP studio who have largely done singleplayer so could be considered to have issues with incorporating MP into any new IPs they might be working on. Like one they've been milling over for years before a western console maker comes up and says, "We'll fund it, but we want this in it."

Is that enough? Like I said before - I'm bored with this.

gangsta_red308d ago


See, this is what happens when you make false accusations and statements and can't back them up, you then resort to trying to attack a person's character.

These arguments are pointless, especially when you just make shit up as you go. You and a few others love to over exaggerate, pretend and only focus on what you think Xbox fans are saying, then you start to complain about the shit you made up. But as we can see in this thread you were called out and you have absolutely no proof of anything you just tried to pass off as a point.

I just asked you to prove that MP was not apart of the original development of Scalebound like you said and you couldn't even do it. You said that Scalebound was in development before MS stepped in, that was wrong, you said Fable Legends had issues because of multi player reasons, every single comment you left has been wrong.

"All the titles brought up in his last post where multi-sequel franchises..."

Because you said that MS development is hurting because of online multiplayer development. Again, where is your proof of all this? MS has developed multiple games with a focus on online or an online component and all of a sudden their development is hurting because of it?

"a JP studio who have largely done singleplayer so could be considered to have issues with incorporating MP"

Yes, because Platinum has never made a MP game before...except for Wonderful 101(NEW IP), Anarchy Reigns(NEW IP), Mad World(NEW IP), Bayonetta 2, Star Fox Zero...oooops...

"Is that enough? Like I said before - I'm bored with this."

Yea, you said a whole lot of nothing and didn't prove a thing, I think that is about as clear as Windex can get. I look forward to seeing you in another xbox article and you blaming xbox fans for something you made up and want to "not" argue about.

Septic308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Lol Godmars gets owned...doesnt have the decency to admit he's wrong. What a surprise.

This is the guy who said the PS4 PRO wouldn't release last year...then went into his obvious rage induced hibernation.

It's okay to admit you've been proven wrong you know?


Godmars290307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

"This is the guy who said the PS4 PRO wouldn't release last year."

When did I say that? When have I ever shown any real interest/excitement in the PRO for that matter?

Don't know who you might be confusing me with Septic, but I'm the guy who says that the 360 and PS3 should have been held back a year or two. That the whole "Bleeding Edge" tech aspect of the console war has gotten out of hand on all fronts. If I've been hibernating its because of RL and disinterest. That often opposing sides can't present decent arguments, only personal attacks.

MS is fixated on the idea of gaming as a service rather than product, and whether or not anyone wants to admit it, that's hurt them in all aspects. Even as such a mentality becomes more and more accepted - and the market gets nearer and nearer to a crash.