The Bitbag Review: Too Human

The Bitbag writes: "It's been quite a while that a game has become such an object of scrutiny as Too Human. Sure, there are always debates about big releases like Metal Gear Solid 4 and GTA 4, and on and on. However, those debates are somewhat even between the sides. Too Human, though, has been dumped on by nearly everyone, it seems, well before it came out. Ten years (or was it actually four?) in the making, Xbox 360 exclusivity, and one aggressively involved development team President later, can Too Human manage to climb out of it's pre-made grave?

From the start, you'll notice the graphics are fair; nice and shiny, but somewhat dated. The frame-rate manages to keep up most of the time, but you may experience some slowdown during battles with lots of friends and foes on-screen, with explosions and such pushing just a bit much. Neither of these issues are a big deal, though they are worth mentioning. Another nagging issue is with collision detection of the various game boundaries. In many cases, it seems like you should be able to jump over or walk around something, but invisible, extended collision prevents you from doing so (such as areas where you can walk around a railing to the other side, but you can jump over it – say what?). Perhaps this is a personal gripe, but I think adding invisible barriers is a non-creative way of expressing limits and adds more to the already present feel of linearity throughout the game."

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