TT Gamer: Madden NFL 2009 Review

TT Gamer writes: "20 years of existence is a long time for any videogame series, let alone one that sees a new release each and every one of those 20 years. I of course refer to the Madden NFL series from EASports, which has seen various ups and downs in its lengthy existence, ranging from troubling times in heated battle with competing NFL games, to what we have today in the 'exclusive rights' era of sports gaming. This NFL exclusivity that EA acquired for their flagship sporting title has brought upon mixed results for the NFL gaming enthusiasts. On one hand, EA are given access to material otherwise not available with their now very close relationship to the NFL, but on the other hand, the overriding theme has been lackluster efforts since Madden became the only NFL game out there and made its way first to the Xbox 360 and then the PS3, arguably caused by the absence of any competition for EA. The series has really not been where it could and should have been since the new engine came about, seemingly unable to shake its rushed 360 launch title shackles."

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war313704d ago

this game kick butt on my ps3, it so real!!!!!!!!