The World's Most Popular Shooter isn't on Nintendo's New Console

Over 30 million people play Overwatch. It's a ridiculously popular game. And it's not coming to Nintendo's Switch. Here's why.

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UltraNova373d ago

Lack of a decent multiplayer network and propably the wrong demographic are my guesses.

freshslicepizza372d ago

Probably because this game isn't very demanding on the PC hardware.

UltraNova372d ago

But wouldnt that make it a valid reason to think it would be possible to port it on weaker hardware?

freshslicepizza372d ago

Yes which is why your original assessment is more likely as the real reason

4Sh0w372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

moldybread, I don't get your comment, I mean the less demanding a pc game is the MORE likely it will run on a console, including Switch, where it would need to be a very un-demanding pc game.

Either way neither of you are correct, if you just READ the GAME DIRECTOR SAYS EXACTLY WHY:

"Right now there are some technical challenges," Blizzard game director Jeff Kaplan told me in a recent interview. "The tech specs [on Switch] aren't quite there. It would be a non-trivial undertaking for us to make the game on Switch."

- Why don't gamers read anymore, it would benefit the comments threads very much.

freshslicepizza372d ago


I agree with Ultra, I think it has to do with Nintendo's online system and the wrong demographic. It's not like Nintendo has a history for success on these types of games for third party. The game is not very demanding on the PC so I don't think they are telling the whole story here.

meganick372d ago

moldybread, all you needed was a comma after the word "probably." Without it, people are misinterpreting what you're trying to say.

UltraNova372d ago (Edited 372d ago )


I have read what they said and I m not saying the werent sincere but common are we taking what devs say as gospel now? We all know they hide staff from as all the time. We need to read behind the lines.

@ meganic

If a coma, or the lack thereof, leads to a misunderstanding then N4G should be region locked to just the US, AU and UK only. But it isnt and it wont so expect people commenting here who are not native American's/British/Aussies (such as my self) to make some grammatical mistakes. Even english speaking people can make mistakes.

Just ask for a clarification, its a simple as that.

PS this reply is not aimed at you spesifically but to all that take offence by innocent mistakes such as a missing coma...


I m 100% sure that if a company with limitless resources like Bliz/Acti wanted to port the game on the Switch they would have toned it down and make it work. Ask yourself this, would anyone complain about 3rd party game downgrades on the Switch? I think not, at this point we should be thankful if we get any at all.

The reason they didnt port it so far, its because they expect a better multiplayer network and for the right demographic(who actually likes semi-hardcore MP shooters-doesnt sound like a Nintendo fan now does it?).

The underpowered hardware excuse was the 'politicaly correct' one not the real one.

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CrimsonPheonix372d ago

Nonsense it would do great on Switch if it could get on there.
Overwatch on the go. Insanity.

gangsta_red372d ago

How would it be the wrong demographic? With Mario Kart, Splatoon 2 and soon ARMS I would imagine the demographic is perfect.


nor the next nine in the top ten list of shooters, whats the news here?

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen373d ago

Nintendo is cursed by it's lack of 3rd party AAA support.

freshslicepizza372d ago

Not cursed, just reality. Until Nintendo consoles can prove to be profitable for them they will continue to be reluctant to support it. Right now Switch has proven to be very successful...for Nintendo.

blawren4371d ago

Exactly how would Nintendo prove that without 3rd party developers making the effort? We don't need graphical/resolution parity, just release date/marketing parity. How will a developer ever know why something didn't sell if with release/marketing disparity. We saw this with the Wii U. Late ports, major releases with zero marketing, silent releases of games. followed by complaints of not selling and dropping future support. everything snowballed from there. I've determined that if a developer is looking for a reason to not support the Switch, then they will ultimately find it, however convoluted it may be. I bought every major release on Wii U and every AAA third party release and liked them all. Many will complain at the quality of ports as reason for the poor sales, but I found them acceptable, given the hardware limitations. I've found that if you want something to truly sell, then you put forth the effort to do so. Developers will wait for the sales, then bring late ports of existing games, and have their convenient excuse once again. Then there will be developers that get it and will thrive on the Switch. I'm hoping enough will get it before its too late.

freshslicepizza371d ago


I didn't really see a need to buy multiplat games on the WiiU if one had another platform. This time though Switch being portable is a not option regardless of the hardware being inferior. I just think the WiiU's selling feature was not widely adopted becauase it really didn't bring much benefit to the gamer.

TXIDarkAvenger372d ago

Well that's on them. If they made a console comparable to their competitors in terms of power, we would definitely see more 3rd party AAA support.

bluefox755372d ago

It's their own fault, they refuse to make hardware powerful enough in favor of gimmicks. It's the same story for the last 3 gens. Developers say some form of PR speak that amounts to: "The console is too weak, and it would be more trouble than it's worth.", and Nintendo ignores it.

GamingCentaur372d ago

They chooose to release weak hardware so it's a curse inflicted upon themselves.

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FallenAngel1984372d ago

Except this to be an ongoing trend

_LarZen_372d ago

99% of all good games are not on Nintendos new console.

wonderfulmonkeyman372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Not true. Plus the thing just launched so we don't know what its lineup will look like a year or more from now.

Sono421364d ago

Something tells me a year from now if this topic were brought up again you would make a very similar response. Hell 5 years from now you'll probably be saying "Just wait till a year from now! The third party support is right around the corner!"

sloth3395372d ago

its an online only game and the Switch can be taken on the go so how would you play it then

nitus10372d ago

Playing an online FPS requires a low latency internet connection and yes it is possible with a decent mobile carrier but you are going to be paying for that bandwidth and performance.

Another thing to be aware of when gaming online and especially when you are "on the go" is the fact that online FPS's require a fair amount of user concentration which means that you the player need to be seated and should be free from interruption.

BTW. You can play a game standing but that usually is not that comfortable for a lengthy period. I mean we all know that people are so careful when using mobiles that they can successfully avoid walking in front of vehicles or bumping into other people or falling down open manhole covers? -- Oh wait! 🙂

zb1ftw777372d ago

I've had unlimited data on my mobile with 3 here in the UK for the past 7 years or so.

It's very cheap and i get a 4g signal with a 30 ping nearly all the time.

I'm amazed people still choose to let themselves have data limits AND pay more to restrict themselves.

CaptainN371d ago

Are you serious right now? Splatoon 2 says hello and that's a shooter.

Mario Kart and Arms wu like to say hi. Just bause i turmrns into a portable d,oesn't make agically go off line

CaptainN371d ago

Ok I don't know what happened with my phone so ignore my last message since it won't let me delete or edit it for some odd reason. Back to my original comment:

Are you serious right now? Splatoon 2 says hello and that's a shooter.

Mario Kart and Arms would like to say hi. Just because it turns into a portable doesn't make it magically go offline !!

sloth3395371d ago

Mario Kart and Arms also Splatoon 2 all have a single player mode to them and Overwatch doesn't so what is your point

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