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TT Gamer writes: "When you're thinking up ideas for the setting of a new action RPG game, a 'cybernetic future based around ancient Norse mythology' has got to be pretty far down the list. Don't get me wrong, the combination is definitely intriguing and strangely appealing, but it's also a little 'random', so to speak. This is the concept that Canadian developers Silicon Knights settled on for their reasonably well hyped game Too Human, which saw release on the 360 in the past week or so. Unfortunately, the premise behind the game remains its sole interesting aspect as this is basically as generic as an action RPG gets in today's gaming world.

Too Human places gamers in the shoes of the mythological god Baldur, son of Odin, who finds himself in the middle of a war that threatens the existence of humanity, which he and the clan of gods he belongs to, known as the 'Aesir', have sworn to protect. While the basics behind the story are relatively standard, i.e. good vs evil, Too Human adopts much in the way of Norse mythology in its cybernetic world, drawing from the ancient religion in many ways while also introducing some new elements. The meshing together of these two creates a rather interesting, albeit sometimes hard to follow storyline, with a premise for gameplay that allows for both ancient style hand to hand combat and futuristic laser weaponry."

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klendathu3705d ago

what a _bad_ review, seems the writer has not had the fun I still have.
2 times lvl 50; 3 times lvl 30 ...

I crave for too human 2