TT Gamer: Spore Review

TT Gamer writes: "While 2008 has not been an overly eventful year when it comes to blockbuster PC releases, ever since February or so when the official release date announcement was made confirming a 2008 release, everyone knew this was only ever going to be one particular PC game's year anyway. I of course refer to Spore, which is without a doubt the most hyped and anticipated PC title in recent memory, and probably not so recent memory if you disregard games from the FPS genre. With the game now established on retail shelves, Spore has unsurprisingly progressed from extremely wanted to extremely well selling, and for good reason - this is PC gaming darn near it's best. However, while Spore deservedly shoots up the "all time great" power rankings at the speed of light, I can't help but feel perhaps our imaginations got the better of us leading up to release, and perhaps all the "evolution simulation" talk may have hard coded some unrealistic expectations."

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