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So by all means, if you are seeking for something familiar, yet different before Wrath of the Lich King drops, Warhammer Online is a solid effort and easily worth the price of the box. It will most likely will keep you entertained at least for a month or two - just don't instantly pay for a six-month subscription, as what's available today is lacking in depth and you may end up disappointed in the long run. It remains to be seen how rapidly Mythic can tune and expand the game.

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V0LT3726d ago

Another clueless reviewer...

Myze3726d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure how it's lacking in depth, when the basic leveling isn't much different than other games, aside from having a great innovation in the Public Quests. Also, you can play the entire game to 40 in pvp/rvr. As well as full scale city sieges when more people get to max level.

This game is, of course, in many ways in competition with WoW, but WoW's pvp is very very basic, and WAR is based on pvp. WAR will appeal to a lot of people that want to pvp over pve.

DarkArima3726d ago

Looks like i need to update my pc a bit to play this.