Casting The Witcher Netflix TV Series

DualShockers Writes:
In case somehow you missed it, Netflix has announced that Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy franchise The Witcher is being brought to the TV world.

Upon its announcement, the next few hours of my life were entirely spent doing one thing and one thing only: thinking about the cast. During this multi-hour long, intense brainstorm I explored my imagination and scoured the internet for actors and actresses fit to play some of the most iconic roles in the series. And while characters such as Margeritha Leux-Antilles, Phillippa Eilehart, Dandelion, Emhyr var Emreis, Francesca Findabair, etc., play pivotal roles in the Witcher Saga, I decided to focus on the four most prominent faces of the franchise: Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Triss Merigold of Maribor, and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (Ciri) of Cintra.

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ThePope453d ago

Unfortunately if it follows suit with things like Horizon, Battlefront 2, or shows like the new Star Trek, Geralt will be a women, all of the strong cast will also be women and the weak scared incapable people will all be men, the bad guys too.

yeahright2453d ago

Nothing at all even hints at anything of the sort happening. you just want to cry "SJW" at every opportunity.

ThePope452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

First of all I dont know if you misread my name and think its someone else as I dont call SJW at every opportunity. I DO see games/shows giving women predominant roles, which is fine, but makes men look weak and incapable. which is super annoying. I will use Horizon as a perfect example of that. Outside of her father all of the males in the game, have some major character flaw or are bad guys. And to keep it spoiler free I'm also referring to HIM.

TylerFischer453d ago

Well there's a lot of prominent women in the saga. More so than men. So I don't think they will need to force anything in (if they feel like they have to do that in the first place) Just stay true to the novels and short stories.

ThePope452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

I was being a little sarcastic but people are obviously sensitive to the issue, and when people are sensitive I always think there must be some truth in the comment. I think men and women are fairly evenly represented in The Witcher books, Short stories, and games. If they stay true to the material it will be awesome.

UltraNova453d ago

Well that was uncalled for...anw I want Tom Hardy to play Geralt!

yeahright2452d ago

The voice though. that's my main concern, I've read a couple of the books after playing the games and in my head what you hear in the games IS Geralt. It's so distinctive that having a different voice coming out of Geralt's mouth... Well, I'm hoping I'll be able to look pass it.

UltraNova452d ago

I understand what you are saying but this is a "TV" adaptation so we need to recalibrate our expectations to match the intended scale and Netflix's plans for the IP.

ThePope452d ago

I was being a little sarcastic. Take a deep breath. Tom Hardy would be a great choice.

yeahright2452d ago

Yeah I hear you on that. I'm usually in the same boat. I've already read the books/played the game/ read the comic etc. That original story is still there If I want it, so tell me a new story. Just keep the spirit of the books (ie don't pull a queen of the damned) and I'm good.
What I was getting at is more akin to when Batman talks and I don't hear Kevin Conroy's voice. it just feels... off.

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Goldby452d ago

shut up with thaty B.S.

Andrzej is part of the team, and no way he would do that to his own charatcer.

if anything, prepare to see the complete opposite. the dark and grundginess from the games portrayed on Tv. remember this isn't a public channel but paid subscription. they dont need to worry about the same shit public channels do

ThePope449d ago

if there IS something channels have to worry about it makes my comment not BS. because Netflix could very easily worry about it. YOU nor I know for sure.

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Nacho_Z452d ago

Bit conflicted about Eva Green as Yennefer, acting wise a great fit but I don't find her remotely attractive and her supernatural beauty is part of the character really.

joethetimelord452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

Only Kate Beckinsale could pull off Yennefer.
Eva Green would be way better suited for Philippa.

Nacho_Z452d ago

Yeah Kate Beckinsale would be perfect. Not sure about how good an actress she is because I can only remember her from crap films but she basically is her looks wise and I'm sure she could manage the role.

joethetimelord452d ago

I wouldn't say Beckinsale's a top tier actress, but she does hold her own in whatever role she's in. Sorceress femme fatale wouldn't be a stretch.

TylerFischer452d ago

She has the persona for sure. But yeah, the looks, not quite there.

WickedLester452d ago

Kate Beckensale should absolutely be cast as Yennifer!

FullmetalRoyale452d ago

I know people enjoy imagining their favorite actors in dream roles(mine would be Anson Mount, from Hell on Wheels, would be my Geralt.) But the thing is, it will very likely star unknown, or not 'A' actors, like most shows do. They aren't going to go out and grab Anson Mount, Eva Green, Christoph Waltz, and make an all star cast. As fun as that is to dream up.

Nacho_Z452d ago

Loads of tv shows these days have multiple big name actors in them. Not stratospherically big but hardly unknowns. Anson Mount and Eva Green are both very well known for their tv work.

joethetimelord452d ago

European actors in particular don't really see a difference between acting in a TV series and acting in a big budget hollywood film.
America's starting to follow suit in that department, too. The new season of Fargo isn't sparing much expense when it comes to actors, European or otherwise. Sadly Witcher is still a Netflix series. Their budgets are getting better, but they'll likely cast unknowns or look at actors whose careers hadn't quite taken off, like when they cast Charlie Cox for Daredevil.

FullmetalRoyale452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

Sure, sure. I totally give you that. Having a big name ISN'T super uncommon. However, I specifically mean "make an all star cast", when I say that. The odds of them grabbing four, or five big names is very low. A big lead, sure. But not a big name for Triss, Yenn, Dandelion, AND Geralt, ain't happening.

*To elaborate further I adore today's television dramas, and action shows. I do not go to the theater, and I see television shows as a much superior vehicle for storytelling. Much easier to do justice to a book with a series.

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