Will Saints Row dethrone GTA

Saints Row has been the strongest competition for any GTA game to date. Saints Row successfully managed to build its own, increasing fan base on the Xbox 360 and soon to be PlayStation 3. Saints Row was embraced and enjoyed by many gamers, even though it seemed like a direct rip-off to Grand Theft Auto, it was unique in its own right.

Grand Theft Auto 4 was supposed to be the game of the year, it turned out to be one of the most over hyped games of the year, which truly was a disappointment. Although GTA4 looked amazing,

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LightningPS33705d ago

it dethroned itself.

The crime sandbox genre becoming a thing of the past.

ape0073705d ago

maybe gta 4 was worse than ps2 gta games but it's solid

8 out of 10 imo

ff12 sucked so much a$$,and if ff13 use the same mechnics,it will suck too

and what about"a thing of the past"

where do you live,I see that you don't like the open world gener,well,why do do stuck your nose in

so much hate?

keep hating,you will only hurt yourself

DavidMacDougall3705d ago

This game is no where near GTA4 in story ,gameplay and graphics but it might be fun doesnt mean its going to take down a 10 year old franchise

ape0073705d ago

maybe it will be better,it's arguable between gta 4 and sr2

but I don't think that sr2 gonna touch any of the PS2 gta games

Cajun Chicken3705d ago

Despite not playing the original Saints Row (I keep meaning to get it) I think this actually has a fair chance of being more fun than GTAIV was, it was good, yes but do you find yourself visiting Liberty City much after completing it?
Why? Because of the insanity and immaturity of the Saints Row 2 offers, because sadly, they're giving exactly what made GTA in the first place. GTA wasn't always about a well conceived storyline and licensed soundtrack with celebrity cameos.

Heck, GTA used to have a damn button to fart and burp, GTA2 was wildishly insane with the electrogun and powerups and had great kill frenzies and mounted guns and oil slicks on cars, GTA3 and Vice City were awesome, because nothing else did what they did including random rampages with tanks and San Andreas is the ultimate in insanity and a hell of a nifty flight simulator and combined almost everything all the other GTA games had in the past to create a crazy open world with great characters.

GTAIV had bowling, satirical TV, average soundtrack, NO TANKS?!? and generally less fun things to do except for the new showcase of Euphoria, in my opinion, the game matured TOO MUCH for its own good.
Saints Row2 could easily steal that crown until the next major GTA installment.

HueyNewton20083705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I liked the first saints row better than GTA4. its different than GTA thats what makes it better imo.

Elven63705d ago

I personally haven't played Saints Row but I can agree when people say GTA 4 had it's problems. I hated those damn relationships they forced you to keep!

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