Gamers Are Sleeping on Sony's E3, And That's a Good Thing

Push Square: "Ever since Jack Tretton dropped the mic in 2013, there’s no question that Sony’s been the king of the E3 press conference. You could argue that E3 2014 was a lean year, but it followed that up with the Holy Trifecta of E3 2015, a briefing that few thought would ever be beaten – only for it to be pushed all the way by the theatrics of E3 2016."

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UCForce368d ago

You know what they said about Sony. Silence is Golden.

Summons75367d ago

Agreed, don't announce anything before E3 and every brand new announcement will be like hitting a homerun. We're a month away and so many places are announcing what will be at E3, what won't, or something new to be revealed there. Give us a show and give some suspense.

bouzebbal366d ago

no hardware, just games blowout..
i cannot wait and this year i really have no idea what to expect.. nothing has filtered and all the big franchises have been shown so far..
hoping one more PS1 remake.

Relientk77367d ago

Hope it stays like that and we don't get any leaks either. I want Sony's E3 to surprise the hell outta me

RommyReigns367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

And that is also why I am glad Activision/VV/Sony haven't yet revealed what Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped remaster looks and plays like.

DillyDilly367d ago

If you dont want leaks unplug your router they will always happen

Eonjay367d ago

Sony's E3 2016 is the conference to beat. It was incredible. Everything was turned up. It was really breathtaking and it was like the industry had finally been granted atonement for the sins of The VGX awards of 2013. Dark times indeed.

CrimsonPheonix367d ago

Who ...who are they and when did they say that about Sony?

Sony's going to have another amazing conference this year.

DarXyde367d ago

I've been a little let down by Sony's conferences before, but that generally comes with leaks. When they're silent, it's a complete wild card. Either this is going to be an explosive show or not too much until TGS. I believe it'll end up with some left field megaton announcements, but even so, I'm still managing my expectations.

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yarbie1000368d ago

No one is sleeping on anything. People are prepared to see Spider man, God of War, Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, the Uncharted expansion, Shenmue etc. Plus a Price drop for the console

Tussin187368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I think they say this because Nintendo just released a system and of course MS has Scorpio. So far as we know, Sony only has games and they've been pretty quiet.

I'm​ going on a media blackout (to the best of my ability) here soon but I like that Sony's been quiet. Makes the conference better and not spoiled by leaks.

Plus, they're going to let the games do the talking. I have complete faith that they will deliver but will keep my expectations in check.

UCForce367d ago

They will surprised us again.

subtenko367d ago

Sony has PS4 Pro and PSVR, thats two things. Sony is still bringing the games as usual.

UCForce368d ago

You wrong, buddy. Sony good at being unpredictable.

Overload367d ago

You know you got it bad when you think naming a bunch of amazing upcoming games is an insult.

OB1Biker367d ago

Oh that what it was? Haha. I've been scratching my head on this one.
I know I have no idea what it's going to be like though I do hope to see more about those games.

AspiringProGenji368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

With 10 studios owned, and couple of 2nd parties working on games for PS4 there's nothing to sleep on. Just Sony is quiet and that is fine, while we guess which games will be there and wonder the what the new ips be like, like Sucker Punch's.

I pray Bloodborne 2 is announced

fenome367d ago

I'm right there with you on that.

Mr Marvel367d ago

Prepare for an eruption of applause if BB2 is announced.

DialgaMarine366d ago

New IP from From would be nice, but BB2 is more than welcome.

tyasia0368d ago

I can't express how much I prefer Sony's subtlety to Microsoft's constant hype machine and Phil Spin'ster's constant ramblings.

Just make a console and games and let them speak for themselves.

Bigpappy368d ago

You really should get off of phil's nutts. He has a wife and kids. M$ has a new system to release and you expect them to not hype it. I am glad you don't have a marking job, because you are clearly clueless. What do you think E3 is for? Phil have plenty more to say about Scorpio and you will see that at E3. He is annoying to you because you are filled with hate for M$ and Xbox. But that's your issue not Phil or anyone else's.

There is really a master plan for releasing the spec's and not talking about the games. Scorpio with have a huge E3, no doubt.

UCForce368d ago

Sure, but we need more than just talk. I don't disrespect Phil, but he need to break his own ego. Otherwise, it's just going to make him a typical PR. I'm not joking here.

UCForce368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

More importantly, you put your faith on Phil Spencer which I respect that. But I let you judge Phil action.

Z501367d ago

Don't you guys get sick of saying "Wait til E3" EVERY YEAR?

MasterCornholio367d ago

How about we use the "wait till E3" argument with Sony as well?

367d ago
MasterCornholio367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


I mean some people claim that Sony already blew their load and it's impossible for them to surprise us at E3. That's why we should wait and see what happens at E3.

trooper_367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Yes, because being skeptical is harmful. /s

Sorry but ppl have a right to be concerned when a. Microsoft canceled games when they already have a thin lineup, b. They're getting hammered by their competition, and c. They've made countless inexcusable mistakes.

The truth is painful, I know but it is what it is.

rainslacker366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Except Sony's been more successful with their marketing, and aren't trying nearly as hard. They're being very quiet, and the excitement for a slew of games is at a high I haven't ever seen in PS history. Last time I heard something from Sony was that they had some upcoming VR games to announce. Fairly understated and low key. Before that, they had TLOU2 announcement.

Then, in contrast, you have Spencer who almost every week has to talk up Scorpio, and keep saying that they have something great coming up for E3 and we should be excited about it, despite him having said this for the past 3 years, and really, there wasn't worth much at those E3's worth waiting for.

But then you have the 3 other conferences where Sony also announces stuff, and all we get form MS is talk on Scorpio, and platitudes about how great their line up is, or will be.

Just think about it. Sony has enough going on, that they could announce TLOU2 out of nowhere at the PSX, when they could have been hyping Horizon, or leaving it to "wait for E3". That's confidence IMO, and to announce one of your biggest IP's to not be a megaton at a very important upcoming E3 means they have more going on than MS, who can't even be bothered to talk about how powerful the Scorpio is.

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freshslicepizza368d ago

"Just make a console and games and let them speak for themselves."

They plan to, and your response is because there is no Halo this year to lead Scorpio it's a bad idea. How about you sit back and relax, is that even possible?

UCForce368d ago

Well, like I said. Silence is golden. Only Sony good at that.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen367d ago

Phil Spencer has been saying "games, games, games" (EXCLUSIVES) for three years. Where are they?

UltraNova367d ago


The problem with Phil is that he talks too much. Hopefully MS's actions will speak louder than their words come E3 and onwards.

yeahright2367d ago

Did they outright say no Halo? I thought they said no main entry for halo, ie. a halo spin off.

trooper_367d ago


I'm sorry but Microsoft better be packing heat at E3 because they have nothing that can cripple Sony. You guys say 'wait, wait, wait' and yet nothing has been shown to get excited about.

Remember how you used to bash the PS3 and called it a waitstation?

I remembered that.

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Software_Lover367d ago

......... "just make a console and games and let them speak for themselves."

You hear that Phil, the next time someone asks you a question just don't answer it.
You hear that N4G, stop making 8 articles (loosely) out of one interview. Tyasia0 thinks that Phil is just out spewing randomly into the atmosphere every chance he gets.

S2Killinit367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Or maybe stop going to interviews every other day? Its not like they find him in the street or something.

The Phil-said PR campaign is just too much lip service and not enough merit.

rainslacker366d ago

Half the articles are actually from tweets. So, his interaction with the community has exasberbated the perception that he just talks to much. But if that perception is running rampant, and the negativity is flowing, and they don't have a counter to that negativity, then maybe it's time to assess the situation and step back some.

Z501367d ago


"Microsoft's constant hype machine" --> "Wait til E3" <-- Been hearing this since January.

367d ago
Patriot4Life367d ago

What hype machine?

Geez, you people sure make up things when it fits your agenda.

This MS is evil and need to die campaign that you and your people have going on is getting old and you need to move on man.

S2Killinit367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Who is "you and youre people"? We're all gamers. And yes we are tired of the constant PR, or at least I am. At some point it becomes an insult to youre intelligence.

MS should just release games, and stop the talking. They've been in this generation for over 4 years and not yet a single definitive ip to define the generation. I mean maybe forza:horizon but come on man the games are dried up on this side. MS is really focusing on the wrong things. And as always they stop supporting their consoles halfway in the generation to focus on the next console.

AmUnRa367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

O boy you are showing your true color. A butthurt Xboxfanboy.

But but you are hurting my MS and my Xbox and thats not fair...😭😭€ 557;
Cry me a river poor poor boy.

trooper_367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

There's people here who own XB1 consoles. Heaven forbid they criticize the mighty Microsoft and rightfully so!

rainslacker366d ago

You know you're doing well when your user base seems pretty content and even excited, and you don't have to keep poking the bear to try and get them to be like that.

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NotSoMad368d ago

Sony likes the surprising the crap out of us approach.

Rimeskeem368d ago

I almost had a heart attack last E3.

trooper_367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I flailed around and had goosebumps all over.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen367d ago

That orchestra. Man that orchestra... Then the introduction of God of War 4... Unforgettable.

Ristul367d ago

I hope they do the orchestra this year to, such an amazing experience!

agamer1367d ago

The Orchestra will be there again this year, it's confirmed Sony are having their conference in the same venue as last year

modelgod367d ago

Like. ..?? Sony has great E3 showings, but hardly surprises. As I recall the nicest announcement last E3 was backwards compatibility.

rainslacker366d ago

I'm OK with that. Keeps me actually looking forward to their conferences. Already have enough to look forward to, so if I missed a conference, I could just read the announcements later without worrying about it. But there's always something exciting about just seeing it when it happens. Been to the E3 Experience the last three years, and while the first one was a bit dull, the last two have been crazy, and it's great to be around all the other excited people when they drop the bombs. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to go this year.:(

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