Has Voice Acting Become A Permanent Part Of Nintendo's Repertoire?

GameRevolution: "The decision to bring voice acting to The Legend of Zelda was a fairly obvious one, but calling it a runaway success would probably be an overstatement. Despite becoming the most critically acclaimed title in the series since Ocarina of Time, most reviews of Breath of the Wild either gloss over the voice acting as acceptable, level mild criticism toward it, or hardly mention it at all. In this particular case the game was so widely lauded that nitpicking voice performances understandably fell by the wayside, but shortcomings in that area exist all the same. Ultimately Nintendo’s effort wasn’t bad for a first attempt, but was far from anything special either."

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PhoenixUp552d ago

Could voice acting return to Super Mario?

Derceto551d ago

The fact this question is even viable to be asked in 2017, speaks volumes of how hilariously out of touch Nintendo is, and continues to be.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory546d ago

Nintendo did voice acting on SNES.
Nothing new. But your hatred for Nintendo.