Saints Row 2: New Gameplay Video

Here's a new video of Saints Row 2 that we made during le Festival du Jeu Vidéo in Paris.

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El_Colombiano3706d ago

Wow, that looked...disappointing...

nonAsianDroid3706d ago

wow what crap. looks so lanky and cartoony and they said this was spose to kill GTA4 omg lol.

I did not care for the first at all cause of the way it is. i wont even rent this lol

omni_atlas3706d ago

Gameplay > graphics boys and girls. Lets see how the story unfolds first.

ChrisGTR13706d ago

yea gameplay > graphics... oh and by the way.. did you see how shiity that car handling was?? im pretty shure car handling is gameplay. so gta owns it in both departments.

outlawlife3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

people complained about gta 4 not having enough traffic/peds on screen

game looks weak, jerky, the city barely has any elevation changes

this looks like saints row 1.2
not even good enough for a 1.5 version

they even copped the gta4 meters around the map kind of thing

this is beginning to look like more of a spoof of gta than a real respectable game

PoSTedUP3706d ago

i think im gunna have to buy gta4.....AGAIN.

Jope3706d ago

rockstar cashing in.

The gaming GOD3706d ago

But this game is looking sorta lame. It doesn't seem like they improved the game much for the original saint's row.

But I'll give it some slack, looks can be deceiving and the game isn't actually out for anyone to play it yet. So I can't judge it yet. But right now, at first glance, this game doesn't look too promising

nonAsianDroid3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

whatever about slacking it man look at the AI... my god!

this shoulda been on the dreamcast.. no offence cause i loved the dreamcast but damn

The gaming GOD3706d ago

But you have a point. You'd think they aren't even trying to improve judging by how this game looks.

And I agree, the dreamcast was LEGENDARY. Too bad it died an untimely (and undeserved) death

nonAsianDroid3706d ago

well about the dreamcast it only died cause it did not have a sony label on it, while the dreamcast had much better graphix than ps1. oh well that's what ppl chose.

The gaming GOD3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Dreamcast died because of the pile up of debt from Sega's previous failed endeavors (Sega Saturn, Game Gear, Sega CD, Sega 32x) and poor business management.

And of course the Dreamcast had better graphics than the ps1. The Dreamcast was the generation AFTER the ps1 day. PS1 fought with the Saturn.

It didn't die because it wasn't a Sony Label.

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SnakeShady3706d ago

hope that was a video from the ps2 version of the game.
is gta4 but.....worst...far worst.

No Way3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

It might be the PS2 version. Lol. It's definitely not the 360 version,that's for sure.

At about 4:12 it says press L1..

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