Glitches and the Outlaws of Meaning

Rogan Louwrens writes: "If you’ve ever had a go at Ocarina of Time, this is perhaps one of the most disorienting playthroughs you’re ever likely to see. That’s because it is in a sense an occult feat – in the literal sense of engineering results through manipulating ‘covered’ mechanisms. Wright’s wrong-warping run folds the game in on itself and punches tunnels through its carefully constructed causality in masterful ways. This is glitching, and I think it’s time we recognised the practice as one of the more important human endeavours."

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garyanderson340d ago

This certainly gives me a different perspective on speedrunning, lol

maximumburrito340d ago

Dumbest shit I've read in a long time. Unnecessarily verbose, author needs to stroke his ego and feel like a victim because he's queer. Nobody cares, buddy.