Project Rap Rabbit Gives Off Some Serious Mighty No. 9 Vibes

Josh Griffiths writes: "Project Rap Rabbit looks like it could be a great game, but the Kickstarter campaign gives off some scary Mighty No. 9 vibes that have me concerned."

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garyanderson340d ago

I'm still going to back it, I just won't go big.

CocoaBrother340d ago

I want this game to be good because I love rhythm games and this look like it has potential; however, it's awfully shady in my opinion to ask for $2.5-$3.75 million more for an Xbox one and Switch version. I mean, the director only changed it to $1.95 million for the Switch version after the community called him out.

I highly doubt they'll reach their initial goal because of how poorly handled Project Cars was, Yooka-Laylee being just okay, and Mighty No. 9 being mediocre; however, there are still some great games that came out of Kickstarter so people still have faith(Shovel Knight is the best one in my opinion)