The Witcher Netflix Series: 7 Actors We'd Love to See Play Geralt

These actors would fit the role of Geralt of Rivia perfectly in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher.

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jgilbert1137d ago

Your list has Tom Hardy, but it's a picture of Charlie Hunnam. Might want to fix that.

Imalwaysright37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Hardy is not in the list but he was awesome in Taboo and I think that he would be a great Geralt.

jgilbert1137d ago

The author originally had Tom Hardy's name as a mistake on #3

UltraNova37d ago

Taboo was so damn well acted/directed that I had to binge watch it in a single day...

Personally, I beleive Tom Hardy to be one of, if not the best action actor today. They guy rocks and I would love to see him play thing though...that long white hair on Tom, hmmm?

Dirtnapstor37d ago

Sean Bean easily, or even Gerard Butler.

PolishWingedHussar37d ago

Gerard is another solid suggestion, he kicked so much ass as Leonidas in 300.

oof4637d ago

He's a B actor, but for some reason, I'm thinking Christopher Lambert.

pinkcrocodile7536d ago

@oof46 lol Christopher Lambert, another B Actor. Well not B actors just not "Now Actors"

Silly Mammo37d ago

No matter who we would want, the studio will pick Mark Wahlberg. :-(

Crotaaa37d ago

It's a Netflix tv series.. They're not gonna get a AAA film actor.

blackblades37d ago

Not gonna happen, it'll have a lot of nudity and sex so mark is definitely out.

Gridknac37d ago

Nope, it will be Ben Afflack! LOL

pinkcrocodile7536d ago

No if you want a shit actor, then Mark Walberg is close to the top of the tree.

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Bhuahahaha37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

no not sean bean
casting sean means that character will surely die ahahaha

Elit3Nick37d ago

Can't see Mads as Geralt, but he'd certainly be welcome as another character, maybe even Emhyr?

XXanderXX37d ago

I put forward actor Peter Stormare

PolishWingedHussar37d ago

Ah that's another great one! I really love Peter Stormare :D

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The story is too old to be commented.