Playground spent 18 months developing the first 10 minutes of Forza Horizon 3

“First impressions change how players perceive a game,” says creative director Ralph Fulton.

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christocolus213d ago

Interesting read.

"Fulton concluded by observing that Forza Horizon 3 continued to gain users long after launch, and around the release of each of its expansions, and maintains that those first ten minutes are a large part of why people are still playing."

Septic213d ago

Those first 10 minutes are epic. That alone merks other racers.

Trying to get 100% completion in this but so much to do! I just love enjoying the drive in ad hoc convoys

mcstorm213d ago

I never got to 100% of the 1st or 2nd. Struggling with 3rd due to now being an adult expecting a child haha but I agree for me pg have set the standard for open world racing games. I think the way forza 6 and horizon 3 trained out both ips are on the up. I would like to see something alittle different now though maybe a rally have from them or something like Mario Kart but on the lines of split/second and blue just so we get a new IP every year but some of each every 3

XanderZane213d ago

The best racing game this gen so far. The cars and off-road racing are incredible. Everytime I play it, it's loads of fun.

213d ago
SCW1982213d ago

Its an excellent intro to the game for sure.

freshslicepizza213d ago

They keep outdoing themselves. Both expansions have been awesome.

InTheZoneAC213d ago

I haven't seen/played it and it may be great, but 18 months for 10 minutes has me saying, "LOL WUT?!?!"...

UltimateSanto213d ago

Not 18 months of actual work, it means it was an evolving scene during the game's development.

Gunstar75213d ago

Forza Horizon 3 is the best racing game I have ever played.

I don't know how they will ever top this.... unless it drifting in Tokyo 😎😍

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