All Your Favorite Games Are Political

Jasmine Henry writes: "Really any game with a Big Bad could be described as having covertly explored politics. Spoiler alert: if the main antagonist is rich and the antagonist is not, that game is probably commenting on capitalism."

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garyanderson340d ago

Being political isn't an issue, it's when people freak out about the politics that things turn ugly, from both sides of the aisle.

PlayableGamez-340d ago

Anit SJWs are going to eventually become the new SJWs.

naruga340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

New Normative i wonder, are you even playing games to enjoy what they offer as gameplay ?? or you just play selected games where you can find themes to create your propagandish articles ?? who said BF1 , Watch Dogs 2 , Dragon Age: I are my(or people's) favorite games???...all of them are generic and boring as F.... i didnt bought or played extensively any of them (which were also semi commercial failures because people has taste)-- political ( shoved to our throats)corectness makes them even more repulsive for my tastes and audience s taste ...

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JackTheLiz340d ago

Hey, for a Cliqist shill you actually said something we can agree on for once! Congratulations!

annoyedgamer340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Another day, another socialist propaganda piece from the shill site. Don't forget to copy this on Cliqst and JstationX, Greg will be most grateful.

RememberThe357340d ago

Dude. You're what we hate about politics in games.

Razzer340d ago

Is there anything to LIKE about politics in games?

RememberThe357339d ago

When it's just context or even compelling subtext. But it really starts to suck when people catch feeling about something that counters their ideology. Open minds are far better than closed, angry, ones.

JackTheLiz340d ago

Gather your children! The socialism is coming! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! AHHHHH!!!

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uth11340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Observation: the people who claim 'everything is political' tend to hold views far outside the mainstream so everything appears political to them. For most of us, we are just interacting with the story and not beingbdistracted by the politics of it.

zacfoldor340d ago

Mario is political because he kills wildlife. I don't care about political. What I will not accept is SJW far left PC police making my games. I refuse to buy. For example, I'll buy Horizon: Zero Dawn, Neir, or even Zelda even though it's got some baked in politics because the people who made it aren't SJW(even though SJW to this day try so hard to claim Horizon as a feminist manifesto). I won't buy Halo or anything from the team that makes Halo, or anything from Bioware, because they are SJWs IRL who lobby for the detriment of anyone who identifies as a gamer on Twitter, and also they make crap games. I think the two go hand in hand. You go full SJW, how can you make a good game? You can't. It's a self correcting problem. Blizzard is the exception because the current SJWs that work there at least keep it marginally low key, they still make sexy women to sell their games, and they lucked up and own my favorite IP(made by people who no longer work there) so I do business with them for now. I spend MANY thousands of dollars a year on gaming, so my vote counts more than people play farmville too. Bonus.

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