Warzone #17 - Home Will Not Be A System Seller

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "In this episode we discuss several new Playstation games including the new Home interface. Torrence doesn't think Home will be a system seller at all. Hiphopgamer argues the benefits of Home and how amazing it will be. Also on this show:

- We talk about some LBP user made levels
- Is Wipeout HD is simply the best PSN game to date?
- Candid Anthony fills out a Sony survey that includes PRICING options for MAG
- 3 Contest giveaways during the show that you won't want to miss. This includes free Xbox Live, Resistance 2 Beta keys and something every gamer wants.
- Killzone 2 Beta has started, watch for the email
- PSN Cards available at major retailers next month
- Why Torrence added HD-DVD to my movie arsenal
- And much much more!"

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LightningPS33729d ago

If it sucks or not. I think Home has potential. Starting a sims like social community could create interest to gamers and casuals along with declining prices, and hotter games.

I see the PS3 starting to roll in the right direction, but their price is still my main concern.

DavidMacDougall3729d ago

There price is fine it keeps the casuals out

DarkArima3728d ago

I made the money for a ps3 after 2 weeks of work.. so's not that much

Final_Rpg3728d ago

For what you get, the price is unbeatable. Why the hell would Sony want to go into losses? It makes no sense, they need to bring back some revenue.

FantasyStar3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Home won't probably sell the systems as it is, but given the right starter pack, anyone can be persuaded: Drop the price on the PS3 to $300-$350, bundle a headset, include a copy of LBP and pre-install Home: Instant seller right there. What's the point of Home if you have no games or a headset to play with? Hell throw in that mini-keyboard for 360 overkill.

Oh, don't forget the advertisements too: Sony's pretty bad at that.

StephanieBBB3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I totaly agree with you. Have a bubble :) (Don't go and spend it on some rant now ok?^^)

If sony gets it right then they don't even need a xmb anymore. People will be spending all thier time in Home and launching games from it instead of the xmb. But this all depends if sony can cut down the loading times to an acceptable point, where It should't take any longer to get in to home again from a game, than to quit a game and get to the xmb.

Also if home got like an amusement park of some kind than that would be the killer right there :)

uie4rhig3728d ago

I disagree with you in some grounds...

imagine the following scenario:
a little kid.. that doesn't do anything but whine about getting stuff from their parents.. asks his mom/dad to buy him a console.. he doesn't care which.. so the dad goes into game/gamestop or w/e store.. and goes in there.. now unless sony is gonna advertise that they have PlayStation Home.. i am sure that most of the parents out there don't know jack about it.. and if they don't, i doubt Home will count as a plus when choosing a console..

the only ones that will buy the console because of this.. will be the people that are a lot online and update them self on game news..

or there is the alternative.. since this app is hyped so much, i am 99% sure that it will come on BBC news.. so it might actually mean something..

xhairs93728d ago

#1 they don't need the price drop. It seems that everyone is forgetting that the PS3 is the #1 Blu-Ray player to date, let's not forget that. And with all technology prices are skyrocketed until it becomes normal to have one and competition is greater.

#2 There is no need to have a headset bundled with the PS3. Considering you have the choice of ANY usb headset or a blu-tooth wireless headset why would you want one bundled? To raise the price? You're already complaining about that one so it seems rather stupid to do that. Not to mention if you're talking about having it for home, grab a wireless keyboard that run about $40 now you can use that you know. With some of these games coming out like MGO the keyboard is usable to text chat during game. Like I told someone before, I've seen clans with no mic's but all had keyboards demolish those that used mic's. Mic's are an XBL thing, not a PSN thing, get over it.

#3 There will be a LBP+PS3 bundle.

#4 Not everyone wants home, like those who buy the arcade version of the 360. They don't want to play online, so why put home on the PS3? That's just more time and money they have to put forth when you can just go home and do it yourself.

The real problem lies within the advertising and the salesmen who are selling these consoles. If you don't inform your customer then they don't know what they're missing out on. It's your job to inform them on the capabilities,/features/functio ns etc of these consoles and by not doing so you're not doing your job.

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ThatCanadianGuy3729d ago

Torrence is such a damn 360 fanboy.He always has a spin for anything Pro-PS3.

mikeslemonade3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

This is unrelated but on the most recent 1up yours podcast Garnett implied Microsoft payed for FFXIII. Torrence has always said that Square-Enix was not payed to make rpgs for the 360. Now who has more credibility Garnett or Torrence? My vote is Garnett but I still like Torrence's podcast. Can't wait to listen to it.

GiantEnemyCrab3729d ago

Microsoft themselves have stated they didn't pay for FF XIII. Fvck Garnett flip-floppin Lee, that dude loses credibility every show he does. He might be losing more than credibility with the way Ziff Davis is going..

“I think the most obvious reason that they made the announcement is just looking at the success of our console...Square has done games for us in the past, and I think there’s a point where Square just has to look at the Xbox 360, the install base and attach rates that we’re seeing and actually has to make a decision on their own that it’s the right thing to do for them" said Pennello, speaking to MundoRare.

“I think it’s easy to assume that something’s going on behind the scenes, I think the more obvious answer is we’re doing really well and the game creators want their games to be where the most people and the most consoles [are], and right now that’s the Xbox 360.”

Square wanted this game on Xbox360.

Believe it.

And Torrence prefers the 360 as HipHopGamer prefers the PS3, neither of which are fanboys. I heard both of them be critical on both MS and $ony. Anyway, that's what makes this show good, they both argue the points from their preferred perspective. I just wish I wouldn't keep missing when they record the show because I want to get on the Live chat.

juuken3728d ago

Crab...and you would believe Microsoft?

Tell me that Microsoft did not know that there was a *huge* possibility that FFXIII would generate a lot of PS3 sales. Imagine if FFXIII was still on the PS3. Do you know how many people would have bought a PS3 for that game alone because it's on the PS3 and no other system? That would have generated a crapload of sales and Microsoft wouldn't want that.

FFXIII on the 360 was meant to slow down the PS3's momentum.

Believe that.

BLUR1113728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

juuken you are so wrong thats what you ppl would say.

but no that was sqare's idea to put ff13 on Xbox 360, so it would boost sales outside of japan to have more sold to the 360 owners mainly in north america. they had more to gain than MS

so give your anti-Microsoft attitude a break sometime

KiddyBrownTurd3728d ago

yeah jewkin. duh.


"Fvck Garnett flip-floppin Lee, that dude loses credibility every show he does."

LMFAO. so true. he's already admitted to making stupid sh1t up to stir a fake conversation for his podcast. he does it all the time. he never means it. he;s a drunk liar.

ps3 sucks lol.

SonySoldiers3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

OK. SONY is all about community, be it Gay or Homo. DEAL WITH IT!..It's our time, it's a REVOLUTION.

Let's party at OUR HOME! It's FREE* too!

*Purchasing a PS3-Home Entertaintment System is mandatory.

angry_xbot3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Remember folks. It SUCKS to be an XBOT.


Poor homeless welfare leeches.

The greatest thing about HOME is the socializing aspect. Its boring walking inside HOME of course when you are all by yourself and alone. But just like with a bar or a hang out spot, once there are people there, its going to rock!

Play some pool with some bored homers, visit other homers apartments, hang out in clans, just meet up with some friends, and play against other PSNers.

HOME will be the new revolution in how gaming is to be done. XBOX LIVE is so last gen now, with a shiatty mic and a gamer profile. Avatars are fking gay and will always be associated with
"stole idea from Nintendo again" (aka inferior substitute).

Live is last gen shiat, their demise has already begun, the frikkin xbots just dont know it yet.

HOME will be a revolution. Much like how PSX launched gaming into 3d and revolutionized gaming forever in 1996, so will HOME change the face of online gaming and socialization forever. HOME is the new era of online gaming and the xbots are very very scared.


HOME is all about the community people! A guaranteed community of 15 million. That alone will make it a success.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3728d ago


xBox 360 Baby Avatars is the PAST!!! ;-D

There is a lot of xBox 360 CR*P on this site today??? Sack-boy must be Scaring them!!! ;-D

juuken3728d ago

"juuken you are so wrong thats what you ppl would say."

That's what people would say? No sh*t they would say that because Microsoft has a habit of buying people out to beat the competition. How did they make a name for themselves in the computer industry? They bought the little guys out and crushed smaller companies.

"but no that was sqare's idea to put ff13 on Xbox 360, so it would boost sales outside of japan to have more sold to the 360 owners mainly in north america. they had more to gain than MS"

You are an idiot.

It was only Square's idea after Microsoft paid them off. Do you think Microsoft was just going to stand there and allow that game to remain exclusive? That would have generated way too many sales for the PS3.

North America? Uh...the sales in Japan is a HUGE factor where FFXIII is concerned. If Microsoft is that stupid to allow Sony to get the most sales in Japan out of FFXIII...well they just royally f*cked up.

"so give your anti-Microsoft attitude a break sometime"

And give up your anti-Sony attitude as well. This has nothing to do with anti-Microsoft rhetoric.

It's common sense. :)

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mikeslemonade3729d ago

Sony wants the PS3 to last the 10 years so lowering price now wouldn't be consistent to what they believe in and in the fall the PS3 will be sold out for at least a certain amount of time. Spring is the smarter period to drop the price to increase sales in the slow spring and summer seasons.

Home right now is not a system seller because the people who don't have the PS3 already forgot what Home is. Now when it was annouced at GDC07 it should have been released soon after and it would have been a system seller. Sony now has to market what Home is and what it does for it to sell systems.

King_many_layers3728d ago

I gotta agree with you, that with their length of time they want in the market a price drop just yet, doesn't make perfect sense. I think that if they do a price drop near Killzone 2 it'll be fantastic. PS3 has been out for 2 years a marketing blitz will really get the casual - to hardcore's attention.

for me I don't see home being a system seller, not yet ( maybe not ever.. but hear me out ) I don't see it as something that will be quite making people buy the system, I think it's just going to be the icing on top of the cake. Great Games are what will push the system to sell, you then go and put a great online community system on there and it shall thrive.

Just gotta hope they find those ways to get Game invites and cross game chat. I know that I'm not theo nly one who wants them.

Game invites shouldn't be too bad, all they have to do is add it to their game ( developers I mean ) but we all know how lazy some devs can be.

BubbleHealerHelper3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I know someone that wanted to get a PS3 when Home releases. Torrence failed.

Anyways, if you want 1 bubble, reply under me, HOME Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The BubbleHealerHelper

LeonSKennedy4Life3728d ago

I'd love a bubble.

Here's one for you.

Solid_Snake6663728d ago

no it wont be a system seller but it will give ps3 a boost.. people will see that its just another thing Ps3 has to offer..

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