Netflix Is Apparently Getting A 'The Witcher' Series

If publisher ‘Platige’ is to believed, Netflix is developing and producing a new show based on The Witcher, the popular novel/video game franchise from Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. It will apparently be based on The Witcher Saga which is eight novels all set in the universe of The Witcher. This is absolutely huge news.

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rainslacker70d ago

Netflix looking for it's own game of thrones. :)

I hope it's good too. Netflix series can be hit or miss.

Littil_Devil71d ago

If it ain't a +18 show, then I'm not watching.

-Foxtrot71d ago

It's Netflix

I have faith. It's better on here then a TV Network as they'd dumb that shit down like you wouldn't believe.

Paytaa71d ago

True. Just hope the cast isn't a bunch of boneheads

blackblades70d ago

Pretty sure it'll have nudity and sex just like other shows on netflix.

Anthotis71d ago

Could be great, but could also be ruined by SJWs.

annoyedgamer71d ago

Knowing Netflix? Bet on it.

Unless its produced by Polish producers.

arkard71d ago

We will get the greatest Witcher of all time "Geraldine" and instead of multiple races that role will be filled by people that identify as different genders.

ifrit_caress71d ago

Don't even mention those wanking feminazi's.

yeahright271d ago

Really? straight to anti sjw rubbish? Just the possibility of a Netflix series and you jump straight to it huh?

Paytaa71d ago

Ironically, "SJWs" love The Witcher. I heard SJWs created microtransactions and day one DLC *waves fist angrily in the air*

GamesMaster198271d ago

Im betting this will be a disgrace to the excellent games, It will fail harder than the new xbox scorpio will.

Krysis71d ago

Are you using your life as reference point to your speculation. Fail and disgrace

GamesMaster198270d ago

Im using the fact that most tv shows or movies based on video games suck ass that is my reference point FACT.

Goldby70d ago

thing is thoug, its not based on the games, its based on the books. for example, the events of Wild hunt wont be part fo the show as that was an original story by CDPR based in the Witcher world

EnigmaSG170d ago

Good thing this is based on the books in which the game was based on, eh?

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The story is too old to be commented.