Mojang Will Change How You Tame Parrots In Minecraft After Growing Fears Of Kids Killing Their Birds

From GameWatcher: "Patch 1.12 doesn't sound like a landmark achievement for any game. But for Minecraft, it's a pretty big deal. Though it's bound to be teeming with interesting additions and tweaks, a slight change made in the face of controversy is likely its most talked-about feature."

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JackTheLiz341d ago

Hey, let's patch out the ability to light up TNT blocks. Flint and explosives are dangerous to kids! Gotta patch out the ability to dig underground too, because we don't want kids to try digging in real-life and end up caved in underground. Stupid, ridiculous controversy from people who have nothing else better to do.

Patriot4Life341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Well said.

Should Nintendo change they way you catch Pokémons since they are basically stuff in a little ball and kids might try to do the same to animals.

Gh05t341d ago

Don't these "children" have parents? You know, the people that are supposed to teach them how the world works.

Forn341d ago

What the actual f*ck. Smh.

-Foxtrot341d ago

All the shit they could...not SHOULD be adding to this game and they do pointless stuff like this.