Crossout Interview - Future Plans Detailed, 4K Support for PS4 Pro Confirmed

Wccftech talked with Gaijin's CEO to learn more about Crossout, the vehicle-based action online game launching later this month on PC/PS4/XB1.

They confirmed support for up to 4K resolution on PS4 Pro hardware.

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S2Killinit367d ago

I like the design of that tank.

GreenUp367d ago

Looks like a bobcat lol.

ONESHOTV2367d ago

Nice i hope this becomes a normal because i think Sony should put all their focus on the pro and forget the normal ps4 we want technology to be pushed towards and not be held back. Just like how they F over us Vita owners why not do the same for the original PS4 owners because who cares right the console is only 400$ so they should be able to buy it.