Nintendo fighting breast cancer with limited edition Pink Ribbon DS Lite

"While we normally hear about new DS Lite SKUs fairly far in advance, Amazon sneaked a new version of Nintendo's money-printing handheld onto their virtual shelves today -- a Polar White console adorned with the universal logo for breast cancer awareness, a pink ribbon. The handheld retails for the standard price of $129.99, though Nintendo has agreed to donate $5 from every purchase to a cancer research charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, promising a minimum donation of $100,000. Sure, it may not be the most stylish DS Lite model to date -- but it's certainly the most altruistic."

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Adriana Lima3727d ago

really don't help anyone. it's like a scam.
a high percentage of the money going to charity are used to pay for management...etc.

VF34EJ253727d ago

I know, it's not like the more people that know about it are really going to do anything.

But programs like [email protected] could have a better overall impact on a hope to cure cancer.

GiantEnemyLobster3727d ago

What about fighting prostate cancer? Nintendo are almost as dumb as Sony!

Draperc3727d ago

Do you ever just shut the hell up?! Damn! This is a good thing and you're trying to make it look bad. Just how pathetic can you get you miserable little f*ck?!

I_am_a_gangsta3727d ago

so true. sony does take the lead in stubidiity oh, so does draperc the c000000ck. fVCK you.

Draperc3727d ago

"stubidiity"? Spelling lessons. You need them. BADLY. It's "stupidity", not "stubidiity". And I was right earlier as well. The only insults you have are penis related ones. Or the highly overused "Yo mama" insults. In the words of Yoda: A gangsta, you are not.

tmanmushroom3727d ago

Its helping to fight a cause and to save lives, and maybe they are targeting more women

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JDW3727d ago

.....but I don't want to wear a ribbon.

Itrguy0013727d ago

great gift for someone like ur girlfriend or somethin

Pandemic3727d ago

Stop causing arguments, your probably the main person who causes them.
Just stay on the topic and the fights won't happen..

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