New Gran Turismo Citroen Video

Brand new teaser.

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blu3print3703d ago

fall update should hopefully be arriving soon. wonder out of how much they promised would be delivered

chasuk083702d ago

Does this update include improved anti aliasing ?? If so ill start playing it again. If not it will continue to collect dust.

mfwahwah3702d ago

If it's fun for you, you should play it. Dragon Quest VIII looks pretty bad compared to games out now, but I've been replaying it lately, despite those graphical flaws.

thereapersson3703d ago

And all generated real-time, too!

Veronica Belmont3703d ago

Nothing more to say really :D

GamerscoreWhores3702d ago

Can't sony just release GT5
I don't think they were expecting the success of Forza 2
i just wish they'd get this game out on the shelves instead of stupid graphics teasers. I knwo for a fact it won't be as "enjoyable" to play as Grid!

shine13963702d ago

'' I know for a fact it won't be as "enjoyable" to play as Grid!''

I like the way you made your opinion appear as fact.

CrazzyMan3702d ago

it will be the best racing game this gen.
and there won`t be probably GT6 on PS3, it`s very unlikely.
so, it`s only 1-1,5 year till best racing game this gen will be released, till then, enjoy GT5P.

gamersday083702d ago

I like how 360 fantards desperately defend their broken system even without any provocation. Insecurity and Inferiority complex at it's

No one even mentioned anything abt Forza and they just have to dig it up.

GT5 is not even possible on the other system. PS3 FTW!

juuken3702d ago

Holy crap.

They can take their time because GT5 looks like it's gonna kick some major ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.