Should Sony Make a Vita 2?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "A few months ago I wrote a piece that asked if the Vita was getting its second wind, and since then my thoughts have changed slightly on the system’s longer term prospects. The biggest thing prompting this change of perspective is of course the brand new Nintendo Switch and the success that system’s seen by marrying console and handheld gaming, something that the Vita attempted back in 2012, with less than stellar results. But now, with Nintendo seemingly finding the magic formula to getting console-level gaming working on the go, should Sony revisit the concept? Is the time right for a PlayStation Vita 2?"

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OmnislashVer36341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Yes, but closer to PS5's launch. As long as it has L2/R2 and a 720p or 1080p 5.2 inch screen, gets support and has backwards compatibility, I'll buy it.

syphon32340d ago

they do that.. and they gonna own the industry.....

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DragoonsScaleLegends340d ago

They need to call it something competently different too.

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Araragifeels 341d ago

No, they need to make PSP2 and it should be based on the PlayStation Switch like portable patent. They should make it backwards compatibility with PSVITA both Retail and digital. No exclusive memory card rather 3rd party unless the exclusive it sold at a affordable and friendly consumer Price. Upgrade Remote play, allowing to play PS4 games on the go without being online. Allowed PS1/PS2 games to be downloadable and play. 1080HD and 30 frames or 60 frames depending on the game. Get Western third party like Rockstar (GTA exclusive), Bethesda(Elder Scroll), EA, 2K, Ubisoft to makes games for it and keep Japanese third party supporting strongly. A better marketing team, a better person in charge of the handheld division and keep supporting with PlayStation first party.

JonTheGod340d ago

Explain to me how you envisage the Vita 2 being different to the PSP2? (Ignoring the fact that the Vita IS the PSP2!!)

Gman32340d ago

Yup i agree the psvita was psp2

instantstupor340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

While the Vita was certainly the PSP2, if they do go for another portable it might not be a bad idea to go with a naming convention like PSP2. PSP probably still has a larger mindshare than Vita does (and likely more positive on the whole), so it might have better traction; not to mention we know companies tend to ditch brand names that haven't performed up to their expectations. Unless they really can make something akin to a portable PS4 and they can capitalize on the PS4's momentum and mindshare by calling it the PS4P or something.

Not sure they'd even go for another handheld, but I think it could be interesting for them to try for a PlayStation Tablet like device and leverage their mobile device division to make a compelling gaming tablet w/easy to remove controller unit (perhaps akin to Switch) that would act as both their gaming portable and a nice Android tablet giving value outside of gaming. Keeping users a tap away from the PS Store even while they browse the web. It could leverage their mobile design prowess while both potentially bolstering their flagging mobile division numbers and offering a compelling product for multiple segments. A great value and, for those buying for non-gaming purposes, a gaming trojan horse.

No easy feat, but I assume if they try again it'll be something in that vein.

syphon32340d ago

psp2/psvita argument aside.. i'll give you an up vote for feeling

Araragifeels 340d ago

I said no to Vita 2 is because Vita was a flop and the name PSVITA is not establish name so I don't want it to be name PSVITA 2 rather go to establish name which is the PSP brand so naming a spiritual successor PSP2 may help yeh system. The feels.

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Death340d ago

I'd settle for Sony actually supporting the original Vita instead of letting it become an indie platform. You don't need more power unless you are going to make games that use it.

Jalapeno340d ago

If Sony cuts the price of the memory cards, there's hope for the Vita.

Razzer340d ago

They would be better off redesigning it with microsd if they were going to do anything.

The 10th Rider340d ago

This is actually an excellent point. Making a new handheld with more power would only mean that more development teams and resources have to be dedicated to it in order to support it.

Concertoine340d ago

The vita was an impressive piece of tech back in 2012, and few games ever utilized that power.

ILostMyMind340d ago

Although i agree that Sony must have SUPPORTED Vita, it already has six years in the market. At that time Nintendo released several models of 3DS and its replacement, the Switch. Vita needs to die for a more current device to replace it. PSP3 needs to be compatible with the PS4 and DS4.

rainslacker340d ago

reinstating support will likely not be as successful as a well built, newly marketed system. People already have their views on the Vita, and that can be hard to change.

Death339d ago

If Sony released a Bloodborne or Horizon quality game or two game on Vita people would quickly forget the past 6 years.

rainslacker339d ago

Agree to disagree I guess.

I just don't think after all this time of the Vita being ignored by Sony Europe and Sony America that they'd really gain that much ground by bringing it back for a second wind. Even if they churned out 3-4 good 1st party games a year, got better 3rd party support that wasn't in the niche markets, and got a few good games like say what Metal Gear did for the PSP, that they'd receive the benefit of the doubt.

OTOH, it is hard sometimes to say how the market would react, but I'm pretty sure I know how the forums would react.

I'd be estatic myself, because I do love my Vita, and I'd be a bit hesitant to support a new handheld from them given how all but Sony Japan dropped any meaningful support.

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