Why Breaking Weapons Are Ruining My Zelda Experience

Joe Juba: "Breath of the Wild is very good in many ways, but it has one very bad idea that poisons my enjoyment at almost every turn."

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wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago

Ruining, eh?
I've had few issues with it, personally, since whenever I find a spot where I think I can reliably find a certain weapon after a blood moon, I mark it on my map.
If I sincerely wanted to, I could go out there and scrounge up enough Thunder weapons to fill most of my inventory, no problem.

Neonridr341d ago

yeah I wouldn't go so far as to say it ruins the game. It would be nice if you could repair weapons though, through an in-game blacksmith or something for rupees. I have found a few weapons I like only to sparingly use them for fear of losing them once they break.

AspiringProGenji341d ago

That is exactly my problem. This game discourages me from using the coolest weapon for fear of losing them. They feel like they have no worth

wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago

Aside from the Kite Shield and the Forest set, which weapon do you mean?
I'm sure I can think up some locations where you can obtain another just like it.

TekoIie339d ago

Dunno if there's much of a point in a repair system. Then people will just complain about pausing to fix items.

A crafting system would be a better addition IMO.

ABizzel1339d ago

The weapon breaking sucks, but it's also good for allowing you to try multiple weapons. You can repair the hero weapons through their races blacksmith, but the cost and materials get annoyingly high.

I think there should just be a huge overhaul to the balance of the weapon system durability more so than stopping them from breaking. Every weapons needs 2x - 5x more durability and the issue would be dramatically reduced.

Like the Hyliain shield has a huge durability rating, the hero weapons should have one as well, and everything else should scale down from their durability (Miprha's Spear should be at a huge durability score since it takes diamonds to make it -_-).

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Aceman18339d ago

Loved the game, hated the breaking weapons system. Also hated the rain and the tank like horseback riding lol.

thekhurg339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

That's not a good gameplay mechanic. Just go farm an inventory full of the weapon you like because it's going to break and go away? It creates a pointless inventory micromanagement mechanic in an otherwise amazing game.

DanteVFenris666339d ago

You don't need to farm weapons. Not once have I needed too. As you get stronger, enemies scale and drop cooler stronger weapons

wonderfulmonkeyman339d ago

Pointless to you, maybe, but as for me, I find plenty of diversions along the path of finding specific stuff.
There are many times where I can't break weapons fast enough before a new one, likely better than what I had, pops up.
BotW balanced it very well; any less durable and we'd never kill anything, but anymore durable, let alone making everything unbreakable or repairable, and it would ruin the game balance by making 99% of every new weapon you find pointless, since the best stuff would last so long that there'd be no point in picking up anything even slightly weaker than the best.

Uken12339d ago

I don't know how any of you people have a problem with weapons breaking. It has never been a problem for me. It isn't hard actually. You can use bombs. Magnesis actually works great against Hinox's. Bow and Arrow is the best weapon in the game. you are supposed to use a combination of these things. Use Korok Seeds to have more weapon slots. I actually have a problem with getting too much weapons. LOL

The best suggestion I can give someone is just go into the basement of Hyrule Castle and collect a bunch of high level weapons and leave. Buy a bunch of arrows from Beatle at each Stable. THIS ISN'T HARD AT ALL.

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kindkinesis341d ago

Love this feature but i can see some people being annoyed by it but i dont think that would severely dampen their enjoyment but i could be wrong.

CrimsonPheonix339d ago

Some just don't get it. The game doesn't want you using the same weapon over and over it encourages creativity. You have all these different ways to approach a battle and it makes it more exciting when you have to think on your toes.

Gridknac339d ago

The breaking weapons is fine, I feel they break to quickly. A minor tweek to that mechanic I think would quell alot of the complaints.

Michiel1989339d ago

@crimson you misspelled "some just dont like it". It's not that people dont get it, some people just dont like the fact they have to farm the weapons and that they break. I haven't played the latest Zelda, so i cant specifically comment on Zelda, but for example Fire Emblem. Whenever i got a new awesome weapon I ended up hardly or never using them because I didn't want them to break.

The system has merrit to it, that you can feel powerful for a short time, but it also has flaws. That some people don't end up using them as much as they could (like me).

Razzer339d ago

I disagree. I can't try multiple approaches to battles when I don't get to keep a weapon long enough to try against several enemies. Has nothing to do with "getting it".

masso9112340d ago

It's not like the weapons are unique and irreplaceable...

InTheLab339d ago

Which is also a problem....

Gemmol340d ago

it made me value my weapons every other game once I get a weapon that was it, I had nothing to worry about it no fun getting the weapon, and no fun with having a reason to keep this game we take our items more serious because we may or may not find that weapon again, so when we do use it.....we want to make sure that weapon go down fighting something worthy of its caliber

Gemmol339d ago

no, but with every blood moon weapons come back.......weapons you found come back so if i needed that weapon again I can mark it on my map and come back when I see a blood moon.......

Movefasta1993339d ago

Damn ,I'm sure the game is still amazing but there should a blacksmith in a game lol

Uken12339d ago

Some weapons are repairable. But cost a decent amount of stuff. 4 in all.
The Master Sword runs on a charge. i think it recharges every 10 minutes.

You can also cook a bunch of food to make your attack higher. Higher attack means weapons last a lot longer. It takes strategy and what makes it interesting. Also there is a merchant that sells special weapons. They are high level and cost materials. People can buy them anytime if they really wanted to.

Gemmol339d ago

if there was a black smith then there would be no need for blood moon, cause there would be just too many weapons around the game.....and with it breaking.....the game actually let you out your comfort zone and try other things you would not and like i said, you can always go back and get it

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g-nome340d ago

Exactly , maybe make them less effective over time that they need sharpening , but breaking was a silly idea.

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