Honest Gamers: Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes Review

Disco writes:

"It's kind of sad, if you think about it. Song Summoners is praised by some as one of the best games available on the iPod. But the incredibly innovative concept of using your music as an integral part of the gameplay only goes so far. The problem isn't so much about the idea - which is indeed a great way to utilize a music playing device - but its execution. There are so many flaws that prevent this game from reaching its full potential. The character creation system lacks direction and focus, which will leave you blindly trying to create an ideal team only to scrap it a few battles later. The leveling system is tedious thanks to the game not keeping track of which songs you use. Since the combat mechanics just cover the bare basics of SRPG gameplay, veterans of the genre aren't going to be entertained for long. The story, while having a surprisingly dark setting, is hindered by the cliched characters and themes that Square Enix love to shove into their games. Much like the character after whom Ziggy is named, this game is tragically cut short by its own mistakes."

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