Injustice 2 Graphics Comparison: Xbox One S vs. PS4 Pro

A detailed look at the visual fidelity of Injustice 2 on Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Pro, captured in 1080p 60fps.

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Bigpappy210d ago

Wow. No extra love given to the pro version. They need to do a frame rate test too. Hopefully pro owners get a patch.

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4Sh0w210d ago


I actually agree with you on this one. Clearly 3rd party devs are going to be hit and miss when it comes to actually putting in the work to make Scorpio and ps4pro shine....btw remember these were both 1080p capture in this comparison, what res does the ps4pro version actually run at?

Bigpappy210d ago

Well we don't know what will be needed for the Scorpio yet. We'll have to see how that pans out. I avoid statements that put them in the same boat. They are several things that M$ has done different from the pro and to assume that they will have the same result without at least hearing from M$ and developers feels wrong to me.

This is about the Pro and has nothing to do with Scorpio.

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IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


Scorpio will need the same exact thing, developed to make patches.

Name me one 1st party PS4 game that launched after Pro that doesn't currently have Pro support.

I love ppl like you who jump on one 3rd party game that released yesterday that perhaps hasn't gotten a Pro patch (or a significant one) yet.

It's funny bc you talk about Pro only giving a marginal visual improvement when most Pro patched games are anywhere from 1440p to 2160p. A game that goes from 900p or 1080p to 1440p on Pro is generally considered a weak Pro patch, however, that is still a far more noticeable difference than a game that is checkerboard 4K on Pro compared if it were native 4K on Scorpio. Yet, ppl seem to think that IS a significant difference and far from "marginal". That really is on the low end of the spectrum as well, many Pro patched games are pushing 1800p, checkerboard 4K, 1620p at 60fps, better draw distances, higher texture res, enhanced graphical modes, high framerate modes, improved AA, and in some cases enhanced lighting fx.

A game like fallout 4 was considered to have a weak Pro patch yet it improved to native 1440p, significantly better draw distances, better loads, and enhanced lighting fx. Even that "weak" Pro patch was most certainly more than a marginal difference.

A game like Horizon improved from 1080p to 1800p checkerboarded to 4K with higher resolution textures. On PS4 Pro it is a stunning graphical result and a wonderful improvement. Horizon on PS4 Pro with a 4K hdr TV is simply a visual experience you just can't have on any other console.

Games like Tomb Raider, The Surge, Ratchet, PES, BulletStorm Full Clip, Killing Floor 2, CoD IW, Little Nightmares, Watchdogs 2, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, Horizon, No Man's sky, SE4, Bound, Rez Infinite, Resogun, FIFA, NBA 2k, MLB The Show 17, Paladins, Battleborn, Mantis Burn Racing, Viking Squad, Helldivers, AC Ezio Collection, Battlefield 1, TESO, KH 1.5+2.5 ect have great Pro modes.

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Ju210d ago

And yet another comparison in 1080p....of course it looks the same. In a shitty video

Goldby209d ago

i didnt know the one s can do 4k without upscaling...

YAO-BLING210d ago

PS4 wins, better controller for fighting games

gangsta_red210d ago

PS4 wins because it gives out better kisses before bedtime.

TheColbertinator210d ago


It does!? Hitting up best buy tomorrow!

chrisoadamson209d ago

sorry the ps4 is better for many things but the controller is definately not one of them . ps4 analogues are shifty and the layout position sucks

ColonelHugh209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

You don't use a controller's analog sticks for fighting games, you use the d-pad. With Mortal Kombat games and their relatively different combos that tend to use left, right, up, and down a lot, I actually prefer standard controllers over even FightSticks simply because the d-pad is better suited to it, and you don't need a ton of buttons either. In which case, I'd agree with YAO-BLING, the ds4 has a better d-pad.

Something like KI you would want to invest in a FightStick.

Knockknock209d ago

Xbox one wins, better controller full stop.............

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Squall5005210d ago

The Pro version had better anti-aliasing on the grass during the T-Rex section but that's the only real difference I spotted. Hardly a deal-breaker =]


Man! if that difference is the same scorpio will have over PS4 pro, The scorpio will be a tough sell!

ziggurcat209d ago

"No difference at all."

yes, well... that's what happens when you capture something at the exact same resolution/frame rate even though the Pro runs at a higher resolution.

Christopher209d ago

There's zero difference in cinematics, but things do look a little sharper in gameplay. Just, not $400 to upgrade worth more.

Babadook7193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Sell your current system to buy a pro. Pro upgrade price < $400. Actually it cost me $100 USD to upgrade

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Cy210d ago

HDR mode on my S made everything super dark. I just turned it off.

81BX210d ago

You have to go to the options. It gives you a box to match the brightness. I play on my S and it looks great!

Cy210d ago

I did. I went to the HDR settings in the game and did what they told me to do, made it darker. This happens with every other game I play that has HDR options.

81BX210d ago

Weird... when i did it, it asked me to make the inner white square match the outter white square. Making it lighter. Try that or reset your tv to default?

JBaby343209d ago

I have trouble with HDR on my TV as well. I don't like the way it makes games or videos look. I keep it on the"gaming" setting and avoid HDR as a result. Wildlands is the only game that is a problem.

81BX209d ago

After the last ps4 update I had an issue with one of my LG tv's. But I got a Sony Bravia and I haven't had an issue so far. I wonder if its certain tv's?

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Razzer210d ago

Same happened on my PS4. Adjust brightness like 81BX said. May also need to adjust brightness and contrast on your TV.

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ziggurcat209d ago

@cy it's probably the settings on your TV or the RGB mode setting on your Xbox is wrong.

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Ausbo210d ago

Wow. If I were a pro owner, I'd be pissed. No way should a console that is 3 times as powerful should match the one S

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Saijahn210d ago

The joke is on people that care about this someone said, first party is where these consoles will shine.

You really think third party devs will want to anger parts of their base to stand out on one console? I have a bridge to sell you.

Ausbo209d ago

People specifically bought the Pro to have the superior version of a video game. Not putting in the extra work to use the hardware should make pro owners mad

LexHazard79209d ago

Lol.. so why is it that most games look and run better on PS4. Did the developers think about the Xbox fanbase when they get 720p/900p games?

Vasto210d ago

PS4 Pro gets no love again.

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