Qore's Veronica Belmont Interviewed recently sat down to an exclusive interview with America's sweetheart Veronica Belmont, host extraordinaire of Qore. The online PS3 magazine on the Playstation Network.

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LinuxGuru3580d ago

She be a damn fine woman

3003580d ago

I agree, but er, why are you speaking like a pirate, or is that just how i'm reading your comment? Could be i've just watched too much Pirates of the the carribean.

"She be a damn fine woman, oh ah"

rogimusprime3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

but I wouldn't look twice at her if she passed me on the street. You can be as cynical as you want, but it's the truth. Out here in California that's nothing special.

I'm more interested in hitting HER since I bought issue 1 of Qore and didn't get my beta code...for SOCOM confrontation. There's no office to call and complain to either.

dj_funky3580d ago

shes cute. only reason qore fun to watch haha.