GameStop backlash continues as Halo 3 rep maligns pre-owned game sales

In a time when the video game industry as a whole is enjoying record profits month-over-month, you would be hard pressed to find a gaming exec directly asserting an anti-GameStop movement was taking place. Indirectly, however, the evidence is coalescing right in front of our eyes.

Earlier this month, GamePro reported that Criterion Games was releasing a rather robust--and rather free--motorcycle upgrade for the months-old Burnout Paradise. While the upgrade was great for gamers, one source at EA told GamePro that the move was more a counterattack against used game sales, than it was to satisfy fans of the series.

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ozsman3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Here's a thought...... Make a new retail store that gives a % back to the studios. They would have my business.

ReBurn3550d ago

I have another thought...charge less for new games. I would buy at least twice as many new games if they were $40 than I do at $60 now. Particularly with games getting shorter as prices go up.

Yi-Long3551d ago

... I mean, geez, how greedy can you get!?

If people dont want to spend 60 EURO on a NEW game, but rather wait 2 weeks and buy a 2nd hand for about 40 euro... gee(!)... maybe the industry should take a long hard look at how they're pricing their games!?

If I buy a game, play it, finish it, and wanna sell it to my kid neighbour for half the price: so be it! I bought it, I own it, I can sell it. I have every right to do so, and my kid neighbour on a tight budget, has every right to buy a 2nd hand product from me (example btw: I never sell my games and I dont have a kid neighbour)

The 'industry' doesnt like what's going on!? Go see WHY people wait a few weeks to buy a 2nd hand game. And then maybe adjust your marketing and pricing etc to that. The market for games has grown immensely, so prices CAN come down.

Dark_Overlord3550d ago

the game prices are stupid, In near enough all the high street retailers that sell games the games are £49.99, not being funny but that money is enough for a fortnightly food shop for me. So it comes down to what is more important food? or waiting a couple of weeks for a pre owned version that has %20 - %30 of the price knocked off and then getting it.

GamerscoreWhores3550d ago

The UK get screwed more than any other country maybe except for Australia which for some reason anything electronic over there and it costs an arm and a leg.

The problem is not the precept of the gamestore, the problem is the gamestores making a stupid amount of profit on a trade in. Perhaps if one of these trade websites actually took off well people would trade games with each other and have no need for these stores. The next gen of consoles wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to phase out retail copies of games, just so those that buy cannot trade games back in. Imagine if PS3 games were downloadable only...

I dont know...annoys u when Gamestation or GAME in the UK screw you for every pence.

GlossGreen3550d ago

It puts the topic in perspective, not that I agree with GameStop's practices. I think they are still taking advantage of the average gamer, but, if a gamer goes in to GameStop and willingly sells them a game for a lot less then what it was paid for, then it's their fault also.

edhe3550d ago

Reduce overall cost of games and set some retail laws for pre-owned games that give a % back to the publisher.

I think we'd all be far more into buying retail if it were 1/3 the price and there was a pre-determined price drop scheme on all titles.

So instead of £40, games were less than 30, and you could expect them to be £20 in 6 months, and £10 in a year, with £10 going back to the publisher.

It would push retail to sell as many copies as possible at the start, pushing better deals and a healthier industry.

deathray3550d ago

Get the government involved? No thank you. Let the market take care of itself. It seems to be doing fine to me. We've got awesome games. Game prices aren't as high now as they were in the 70's and 80's if you adjust for inflation.

Sarick3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Yea you buy a game full price and then you get free updates only as the original owner.

This causes the pre-owned market problems because that used copy requires a content ID or registration that is only usable by the original owner or the first person to register. Once you register your name to those free upgrades no one can use that code anymore.

The same way live DRM's it's software by linking it to the live account.

Basically what this does is make the used games less appealing because the updates and free upgrades are non-transferable at sale. depending on how much content is unlocked at the new game. If registration is required at the start a product could be severely restricted to near demo quality.

Buying used games wouldn't give out the free upgrades if purchased as a used product. This would make these used games more less replacement media for damaged disk more then full game experiences.

Do you think this is fair? It's either screw the customer (added DRM or screw the developers) or (middleman stores making big bucks off developers backs by reselling second hand software at nearly 2-3 times the profit).

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