HipHopGamer Raps With Gamefly, Gamestop Gets Dissed

AH: Check out the video that may be the start of a great relationship between HipHopGamer & Gamefly. HipHopGamer does a freestyle that wows the Gamefly executives. See for Yourself!

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htownplaya3555d ago

HHG and Gamefly, thats a good look.

HHG is my fav rapper

GCO Gamer3555d ago

you have to love this guy

MAiKU3555d ago

Retards Attempting poetry.

N4U3555d ago

It's brilliant how this man fused Hip Hop with gaming. Very clever way for hits I must say - not the kind that leaves you with bruises, rather the good kind.

By including both he widens the potential audience. Just in case you need it spelled out for you (read: you are likely related to me), this is indeed a good thing.

For instance, I absolutely hate Hip Hop. I think it is utter trash. I don't necessarily have anything against those who like or sing Hip Hop, I just simply loathe it. If Hip Hop were a person, I'd kill it... but its not, so I guess I won't.

The point is, I'd still go to the site because I am interested in gaming. I'd go there despite my dislike for Hip Hop because I am willing to give any gaming site a try. You never know, there might be some good insight there that can't be found anywhere else.

Now let's say someone likes Hip Hop, but doesn't care for gaming. You see where I'm going with this...

Sorry, this is utter B.S. I was just wasting your time. I'm sorry:(

N4U3555d ago

please forgive my incompetence....

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