Crossout to race towards a May 30th Xbox One, PS4 and PC release

Neil writes "There's a new free-to-play title heading towards our consoles and this one blends some high octane action MMO gameplay with the ability to customise vehicles. That to us, is making the best of both worlds!"

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SlyBoogie1993369d ago

My wishes for a Deathrace style game may be answered yet!

Kribwalker369d ago

A free game made to sell micro transactions? That sounds greedy. What are these guys thinking with that anti consumerism.....wait a minute, we aren't talking about PD...

In reality, seems like a cool game. First time I heard of it but it's free, I'll give it a go

gangsta_red369d ago

Microtransactions are okay as long as they're included in a full priced game.

A wise man on n4g once preached this.

Bigpappy369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I don't think developers make games because they love you... sorry.

I will give this a try. If I happen to really like it, I might buy some stuff for it. We shall see.

369d ago