Sony's Richard Marks Says Star Trek: Bridge Crew's Co-Presence Could Be Big for VR

Star Trek: Bridge Crew's multiplayer co-presence could be big for VR, according to Sony's head of PlayStation Magic lab Richard Marks.

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LavaLampGoo310d ago

Seen a lot of thing stoat could be 'bug for VR'. I hope one comes you pass as the tech needs something to give it a popular edge

Bruneblomst309d ago

What? Thing stoat could be bug for vr? I hope one comes you pass as The tech? You comment is a riddle to me, please tell me The answer or The meaning?;-)

KaiPow310d ago

I really hope this becomes the next Space Team game.

ccgr310d ago

I'd definitely play this in VR

JackBNimble309d ago

It's the reason I got vr in the first place. Unfortunately for me the day I bought my psvr, was the day star trek bridge crew was delayed, I've been waiting ever since.

freshslicepizza309d ago

Looks interesting but Sony is not doing VR any justice by spending money on timed exclusive deals. In order for VR to be big they need to collaborate with one another.

309d ago
S2Killinit309d ago

Im looking forward to it.

jmc8888309d ago

Preordered, looks great. Been waiting for this for a long time.

Werewolves Within is great, and that team did this too. Similar social aspect but radically different. Should be great.

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