Resistance 2: new gameplay video

"Here's a new video of Resistance 2 for PlayStation 3 that we made during le Festival du Jeu Vidéo in Paris."

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whateva3432d ago

that forest look like it came right out of star wars

SonySoldiers3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Sony PS3s are heaps and bounds beyond XBUTT 360 in GFX Dept. It doesn't stop there, the PS3 community is known for it's STRONG solidarity in gayness. That IS the truest power of Next-Gen gaming.

And since we are a closed community, so many are disagreeing with Us!
Just take a look at the # of disagree BELOW >>>>>>>.. .>>>>>>

3431d ago
rogimusprime3430d ago

why did they have the play test at the special olympics? I'm sorry for not being more sensitive, but that guy sucked!

Let Ted Price play.

How about that Magnum though? The first game lacked a GOOD handgun. (those duals don't count they had no power)
There has been a trend lately with weak handguns. Halo 2 & 3.... Gears...

Can't wait for this game. I hope they go into the "cloven" storyline more. I thought it was odd how much they were mentioned in the intel during the first game, but never seen or acknowledged in any other fashion.

thor3432d ago

In one of the Ratchet games there was a world you could go to which had all sorts of developer tools and interesting bits? There was a gun firing and you could change the particle effects, there was a test area you could jump around. BUT there was also an area with a 1-metre square area of water. That behaved as water did when you walked on it, it rippled and moved up and down when you splashed it. Now with Resistance 2, they're just using that technology! But the power of the cell has allowed them to move it up a level from an unusable 1-metre square to a whole big area of interactive water!

pixelsword3430d ago

I got R&C future... but I must have missed this.


BigPenguin3430d ago

There is one in both Going Commando, and in Up your Arsenal. I think the one with the small area of water was UYA. But yah, the Insomniac museum is what it was called. They also had prototypes of spherical planets inside, which were very reminiscent of SMG.

Asurastrike3431d ago

Insomniac is quickly becoming my favorite developer.

Close_Second3431d ago

...but its f**king annoying how some of the knuckle bleeders who use this site will hit disagree on just about anything.

Insomniac are to the PS3 what Bungie are to the 360 - first rate developers of exclusive games. I must admit I'm more pumped up for R2 than I was for Halo 3...although I did enjoy Halo 3 considerably.

theEnemy3431d ago

Dude, stop caring about those people who obviously disagree on a comment cause of fanboyism or assholisim.

Ignore the trolls.

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